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Delahaze Live Resin 1g

SativaTHC 20%CBD
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About this product

Get in the groove to move with San Rafael ’71 Delahaze Live Resin. The brilliant mango aroma and tropical fruit flavours of the popular sativa are intensified in this ready-to-dab concentrate that packs a powerful punch. Made by flash-freezing our fresh high-THC flower, we then extract all the active parts from the bud while maintaining the strain’s distinct terp profile. The resulting resin is strong and sticky, rich in THC and super flavourful thanks to its mix of terpinolene, myrcene, and pinene. Sold by the gram and containing 70% (700 mg/g) THC and <0.5% (<5 mg/g) CBD, Delahaze Live Resin is best consumed by dabbing, a method that involves dropping a small amount of resin on a hot surface and allowing it to vaporize before inhaling.

About this strain

Picture of DelaHaze

DelaHaze by Paradise Seeds is a 70% sativa strain bred from Mango Haze and California Lemon Skunk genetics. To the delight of commercial growers, DelaHaze has the energetic effect profile of a Haze sativa while still offering sizeable yields and a moderate flowering time. Mango and citrus notes express themselves loudly and bring a sweet overtone to the strain's earthy, spicy aroma. Staying true to its Haze genetics, this sativa delivers uplifting cerebral energy that fuels creativity, focus, and happiness, and then tapers into calm relaxation in time.

DelaHaze effects

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Reported by real people like you
74 people told us about effects:
77% of people report feeling happy
66% of people report feeling uplifted
64% of people report feeling energetic
Dry mouth
14% of people say it helps with dry mouth
6% of people say it helps with anxious
Dry eyes
6% of people say it helps with dry eyes
40% of people say it helps with depression
31% of people say it helps with stress
27% of people say it helps with fatigue
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About this brand

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San Rafael '71
San Rafael '71 is for those who want to skip the bull$&^%. Generally higher in THC, it's for those who already know what quality cannabis tastes, smells and feels like. We can't say much about ourselves, but if you know your stuff, you'll know us soon enough.