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Simply Bare Organic Selects is a collection of rare cultivars we’re testing in our greenhouse. Every few weeks our growers assess what’s performed the best on potency, bud size, trichome content, and taste. We then select one stand out cultivar to join the selects rank. Every selection starts with our never irradiated organic whole bud, cold cured to perfection, milled, and rolled in organic hemp papers. Like the Wagyu of weed, you’ll want to add each one to your collection.

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Simply Bare
The happiest plants are the most natural ones, so we grow organically in the heart of Fraser Valley, BC and work hand in hand with nature every step of the process: we plant our seeds in hand-mixed living soil, nourish them with fresh water, and grow them under the golden light of the BC sun. We’re careful not to strip anything away or add anything artificial. Instead of artificial pesticides, we enlist the help of nice bugs to eat the not so nice ones when we need to.

Our dream has always been to grow the most flavorful cannabis by using only organic ingredients and processes. We’re proud to be recognized as Certified Organic by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association. We’re the first cannabis producer to achieve standards for an Environmental Farm Plan, which means that we’re continuing towards 100% rainwater recycling, carbon capture and reuse, and net-zero energy and waste. We are the first Canadian recreational cannabis brand from Rubicon Organics – a producer of super premium, certified organic cannabis.

Our way is not always easy, but it’s the only way to grow the best cannabis on earth, for the earth:
• Grown in Living Soil
• Hang Dried for 14 days
• Room filling aroma
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