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August 20, 2019
I had high hopes for Maple Ridge's first officially licensed store, the convenient location and hours are a huge plus, unfortunately that's about all it has going for it. Staff/Service: People behind the counter were friendly enough I guess, they seemed more keen on pushing the queue through than actually helping with my medicinal needs (they get somewhat of a pass seeing as it was their "grand opening" day, but the queues weren't exactly long, around 5 or 6 per queue as they were limiting the amount of people in the store). Atmosphere: If you're a white hipster or have branded clothing to match your car, you're gonna love this place! If this store was a person, they'd tell you that they're kind of a big deal... they own many leather bound books and their apartment smells of rich mahogany! Screens cycle through a menu just fast enough that you don't really get to see what's available or see details of the various products, you pick up a bit more info on each cycle. There is a selection of dried flower in sealed jars on display tables a la Apple Store, and branded swag/accessories on display in glass cabinets. Welcome to Corporate Weed (TM) and rich white dudes getting rich off the back of all those who paved the way! Product: Meh, average to low quality for the flower I purchased... and so much plastic!!! Holy Loki!!! I couldn't believe the amount of plastic they use in the packaging! At least I'll be able to make a raft if we have floods! There were no concentrates available, but they did have a selection of low strength and overpriced tinctures. The available tinctures were all cannabis based (as opposed to hemp based), so all the CBD oils had at least a small percentage of THC. Price: I remortgaged my house, sold my left kidney, and all I had to show for it was some pretty meh weed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Expect to pay at least double what you were paying pre "legalisation". No gripes against the place on a personal level, this is likely to be the new normal for prohibition 2.0 and it certainly won't be the only store of its kind. I genuinely wish I could say I'll be going back, but I won't. Places like this are likely to push many people back to "dealers" based on just the price point alone, and if this is what legalisation looks like, I'm not sure that it's a bad thing.
August 20, 2019
Went in on Monday and expected what i got which was a more minimalist look with a calm and cool atmosphere. The staff were all smiling and nice and had no problems asking if you needed help or guidance in any sort. This helps with somebody like myself with depression and anxiety that makes it calm and simple to go in. I will say the menu board does go through fairly quickly to really see whats there but that is only something minor. The price of the product was more or less what i expected and i am sure that will change pending on the market and so forth. And the actual product itself i was very surprised with the quality that it had a very nice aroma with a sticky but spongy bud, and the flavor which for me is very important got me very happy with a piney/citrus flavor from this awesome Wappa i was recommended. I shall be back for sure to try out something new. Thank you for a fantastic staff and store Spiritleaf :).
August 20, 2019
Went in today on opening day. I loved how professional this dispensary was. Perfect example of how to break the stigma of marijuanaand it's consumers. High class product to go along with the high class environment. Can't wait for more product to try.
August 25, 2019
Very stale atmosphere, and very mediocre weed for insanely high prices, there highest thc 22% (meh) price $50 per 1/8,even the government website has the same strain at $24 per 1/8 and that's over priced when you factor in shipping, but it's still cheaper. Im afraid these stores will not succeed unless they smarten up drastically
August 24, 2019
it's a a great place great ppl wish they had more weeds to smell as they have over 50 kinds and only like 8 to smell other then that the 8 ball kush by royal was 25 % thc best I've had in the hole year
August 25, 2019
Staff was very helpful and friendly. Pricing was good compared to the Vancouver dispensaries. Will be back.
January 28, 2020
One of the best legal shops in the lower mainland
October 7, 2019
Friendly and genuine staff. They have a great selection of product, super happy with my purchases so far. Will definitely be coming back!
November 13, 2019
Love coming here!! The staff are great and knowledgeable,I have tried a lot of great strains 10 out of 10 for sure I will be back
January 1, 2020
Like: Service is great, people are knowledgeable in most aspects and will take time to explain their products. Annoyance: Don't know why they (M.R. store) have a email address, they don't respond.
November 23, 2019
These are good people. The staff is knowledgeable and the owners really care about the same rice they provide. They won me over even when I came in skeptical given the current legalization framework. Friendly and approachable. Everyone who works there meets that mandate. It’s hard when they get busy because I have to curb my desire to talk their ears off. First timers, old timers, unsure of the legal market? These folks are the best place to start. And if Jeff ever recommends something to you, do yourself a favour and give it a shot.
September 25, 2019
I was super happy and impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable service. Absolutely gorgeous brick and mortar store. Had a wide variety of strains and price ranges. Very pleased. Will return. Will recommend.
February 11, 2020
Loved the knowledge and variety of stock available at the location! It's super unfortunate that some of the producers are still figuring out the packaging & drying processes, but there are a lot of really good quality buds coming out lately! The staff have great input on what producers are making good products!
January 23, 2020
Love this place it’s my go to store the owners are great staff is awesome and bud is on point every time love spritleaf always will support them as my local go to store for AAAA weed thanks spritleaf for your service
November 20, 2020
Unfortunately after several nice experiences, I have to report on a HUGE disappointment with my last ( and final ) purchase from Spirit Leaf. During one of my last visit, a staff member had mentioned how “amazing” the new Pax Pro was. Highlighted in the sales pitch was that the PAX lasts longer then tradition distillate I was using and with the Pax cartridges being around the same price it’s worked out to a “much better deal”. I didn’t buy then, but my husband came back later to pick it up as a surprise to me. I opened it to find that you need an app to control all the settings ( which was never mentioned ) and not only that but my IPhone wasn’t compatible with the app so without a computer at home I was unable to use any of the additional setting that made the Pax Pro the “better choice” with the 100$ price tag. After realizing the staff had never told me about this ( because I would never have bought it otherwise ) I called the staff and they confirmed I couldn’t use the app but to try it out and see. ( zero help offered at this point ) So after using it for the last month, it has solidified my opinion of the product and it does INFACT not last longer( that is a lie ) and the product without the app is a nightmare to navigate. The return policy states after 15 days there is no returns and I am aware of this, but the owner said there was nothing he could do to right this, no resolve and despite reaching out several times they refuse to take ownership of the fact his staff has mislead me and lied about this product. I understand miscommunication, but lies and cheating people isn’t a way to run a business.Not ONLY that but this purchase was made at the beginning of October and the loose cannabis product I purchased from them was packaged on March 11/2020 and was extremely dry, old and unsmokeable. Barf. A 220$ purchase on GARBAGE, and the owner will take no responsibility for it. Definitely will not be returning and will be letting as many people know how garbage the products are there.
February 6, 2020
Staff is great but the $40 1/8th i bought was so dry it disintegrated when touched and went to dust. Sorry this place lost me as a customer. Going back to black market, at least i can see what im getting cause its not in a sealed container. And cheaper too boot, can get a 1/8th for $20.
December 20, 2020
Went into Spiritleaf in Maple Ridge and purchased a Pax Pod refill for my Pax device. Got home, opened it up and found that my Pax Pod was all sticky with concentrate; it had clearly leaked onto itself. I returned to the store with the pod back in its box along with the receipt approximately 1 hour later, and explained the issue. The store worker went to get another staff member, who took my pod into the back room while the first person with whom I spoke assured me that they would "see what we can do." The second store worker subsequently tried to convince me that it might not even be leaking, as it still looked pretty much full. I replied that if even a tiny amount leaked out as it sat in a box unopened on a shelf, it could quite easily be much worse once in use and being shuffled and moved around in my pocket for example, and that I would like an exchange. Although the staff at least retained a minimal amount of outward courtesy, they told me that there was nothing they could do for me, and that I would have to contact the manufacturer. I was quite surprised, as I felt any reasonable business would exchange a product that was clearly defective when returned unused, with the receipt, a very short time after purchase. Instead, they attempted to persuade me that the product was not in fact defective, and when that failed, they basically told me to hit the road and that I could contact the manufacturer if I so desired. I thanked them for nothing (which is what they actually did) and told them I would see them never (which I hopefully won't) and left. There were 4 staff in an otherwise empty store who all witnessed what took place; this is policy there. What occurred with me was certainly not a one-off or a mistake. I left feeling plain ripped off. It's hard enough adjusting to paying grossly inflated prices, in this case $64.99+taxes for a half gram of concentrate, but I try and convince myself that this is the way now, and at least I will have some recourse should something be wrong with a product. Following that I contacted Burb, another local retailer, and after confirming that they too sold the same product, inquired about their return policy on defective pods, relaying what had just happened to me. They replied that it sounded very shady that Spiritleaf would not return my defective product; that they had a policy of exchanging defective products no questions asked; that I should follow up through whatever channels were available to me because it sounded as though what had happened was wrong and probably not legal. Don't risk getting burned like I did; go to any other place, preferably one with some form of return policy on damaged goods.
March 27, 2021
Good info and can now fall to sleep better. Good Night.
February 20, 2020
Service was awesome but the quality of the bud is poor almost garbage and they charge you 42$ for an eighth that is bottom bag dry shit! Won’t be going back that’s for sure!
April 24, 2020
MOST of the people here know their product! Never too bad a wait, busy, friendly staff, clean, good selection of high and low end product.
January 19, 2021
Really nice, welcoming staff. I've gone many times because I feel comfortable in there.
February 26, 2020
Take some time to speak to your customers properly. I feel Like I’m in a fast food restaurant when I’m in there.