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Bruce Kennedy

Bruce Kennedy is an award-winning reporter, editor, and producer based in Colorado. He has covered the legal cannabis industry since 2010.

Most popular articles

Dustup Over NIDA-Grown Ditch Weed Leads Johns Hopkins to Ditch PTSD Study

The prestigious research university was all behind the PTSD study. Then NIDA's crappy 'research grade' cannabis arrived.

Bruce Kennedy - March 28, 2017

Medicating in Wartime: The Cannabis Legacy of Vietnam Veterans

On the anniversary of the fall of Saigon, Vietnam veterans recall how cannabis helped them survive war and its aftermath.

Bruce Kennedy - April 30, 2018

With Trump’s Support, STATES Act Could End Nationwide Cannabis Prohibition

Sen. Cory Gardner & Sen. Elizabeth Warren outline a legalization bill that President Trump agreed to back in a deal earlier this year.

Bruce Kennedy - June 7, 2018

Cannabis Credit Union Gets Go-Ahead From Federal Reserve

Colorado's Fourth Corner Credit Union can only serve ancillary cannabis businesses, not companies that touch the plant.

Bruce Kennedy - February 6, 2018

Pop Music and Cannabis: A Romance That Began in the 1930s

The relationship between cannabis and popular song can be traced back to at least the 1930s. We reflect upon the vipers who loved their tea back in the day.

Bruce Kennedy - February 12, 2017

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

New lawsuit aims to force DEA to reschedule marijuana

The DEA's five-part test to determine 'currently accepted medical use' is flawed, say the plaintiffs.

Bruce Kennedy - June 8, 2020

Charlotte Figi, CBD pioneer and ‘Charlotte’s Web’ namesake, dies from COVID-19

The 13-year-old Colorado girl's courageous example led to the acceptance of medical marijuana and the use of CBD for epilepsy.

Bruce Kennedy - April 8, 2020

Colorado bill would protect employees from dismissal for off-duty cannabis use

House Bill 20-1089 would prevent Colorado employers from terminating workers for lawful activities that take place in the employee's personal time.

Bruce Kennedy - January 28, 2020

‘Cruel and unusual’: Kansas resident faces decades in prison for medical marijuana use

After treating seizures with medical cannabis, a Kansas resident faces multiple felony charges.

Bruce Kennedy - January 22, 2020

The cannabis industry generates tons of extra waste. Here’s why

Growers in some states are required by law to double their 'clean green' waste. Yes, double it.

Bruce Kennedy - November 4, 2019

There will be lawsuits: Legal fallout from vape cart crisis is coming

With hundreds injured and seven possibly linked deaths, the vape cart crisis could lead to epic product liability battles. Here's what to expect.

Bruce Kennedy - September 18, 2019

DEA Says It Will Finally Let Others Grow Research-Grade Cannabis

Two days before a federal court deadline, the DEA says it will do what it said it would do three years ago.

Bruce Kennedy - August 26, 2019

Wasn’t the DEA going to let others grow research-grade cannabis?

Yes, it was. So why has the agency delayed applications? Sue Sisley demands an answer, and the courts agree with her.

Bruce Kennedy - August 19, 2019

How ‘National CBD Day’ Became a Thing

It's August 8, but there's no secret 8/8 code. It's the brainchild of a calendar company and a North Carolina CBD manufacturer.

Bruce Kennedy - August 6, 2019

The MORE Act Calls for Sweeping Changes in Federal Cannabis Law

Kamala Harris and Jerry Nadler introduce the MORE Act, which would legalize cannabis with social equity provisions.

Bruce Kennedy - July 23, 2019