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Dave Schmader

Dave Schmader is the author of the book "Weed: The User's Guide." Follow him on Twitter @davidschmader

Most popular articles

How to Get High in Las Vegas

Cannabis is legal in Nevada, but you're not going to find it in a casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Here's what you need to find, purchase, and enjoy an elevated trip to Sin City.

Dave Schmader - November 13, 2017

Is Cannabis a ‘Gateway Drug’?

The “cannabis leads to harder narcotics” argument gets trotted out whenever efforts to normalize cannabis are underway. So let’s settle it once and for all: Is cannabis a “gateway drug”?

Dave Schmader - August 28, 2017

Dear Abby Tells It Like It Is: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From lawyers in landmark cases to sanctuary-friendly mayors to Dear Abby and Chelsea Handler, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotables.

Dave Schmader - February 18, 2018

7 Tips for Making the Most of Seattle Hempfest

Being a free-of-charge cannabis festival held in a glorious outdoor locale, Seattle Hempfest is easy to enjoy. But here are a few strategic tips for making the most of it.

Dave Schmader - August 17, 2017

Rick Steves Tells Us What He’s About to Tell Congress

In advance of briefing Congress on US marijuana policy, Rick Steves—travel writer, PBS host, and passionate cannabis advocate—shares his views on the problems of prohibition.

Dave Schmader - February 13, 2018

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

The Cannabis Act in the Senate: The Final Countdown

Today (or possibly tonight), the Senate will conduct its final vote on the Cannabis Act. Here's what's in play and what we know so far.

Dave Schmader - June 7, 2018

Sen. Chuck Schumer Wants to Decriminalize Cannabis. Here’s Why.

Last week, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sat down with VICE News to discuss his plan to introduce legislation that would “decriminalize marijuana from one end of the country to the other.” Here are five takeaways.

Dave Schmader - April 23, 2018

Bernie Sanders Co-Sponsors the Marijuana Justice Act

The Marijuana Justice Act would remove cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act, incentivize states to mitigate existing and ongoing racial disparities in state-level cannabis arrests, and expunge federal convictions specific to cannabis possession.

Dave Schmader - April 19, 2018

Leafly’s Guide to Coachella: The Cannabis!

If you want to experience the hot new California treat of legal, adult-use recreational cannabis, get off the restricted grounds of Coachella Fest and out into the general Coachella Valley, where numerous legal cannabis adventures await you.

Dave Schmader - April 11, 2018

Leafly’s Guide to Coachella: The Festival!

Here's everything you need to know to make the most of your time at Coachella Fest and in the surrounding Coachella Valley-home to Palm Springs, funky art attractions, and, yes, numerous retail cannabis stores.

Dave Schmader - April 10, 2018

Philly Cannabis Activist N.A. Poe Gets Probation After Felony Bust

Judge Scott DiClaudio has ordered Poe (whose legal name is Richard Tamaccio Jr.) to serve four years’ probation, perform 100 hours of community service, and pay a $2,500 fine.

Dave Schmader - April 5, 2018

‘I Was Wrong and Not Informed’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From self-reflective rock gods to hemp-friendly senate majority leaders, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotables.

Dave Schmader - March 30, 2018

The Village Bloomery Brings the Old-School Dispensary Vibe Into the Future

Located just south of Downtown Vancouver, the Village Bloomery perfectly encapsulates what so many people love about their (technically illegal) neighborhood dispensaries.

Dave Schmader - March 28, 2018

‘The Case for Medical Cannabis Is Overwhelming’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From enlightened zillionaires to accidentally high executives, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotables.

Dave Schmader - March 16, 2018

Oscar Winners Light Up, Speak Out: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From out-and-proud Oscar winners to progressive southern Democrats, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotables.

Dave Schmader - March 9, 2018