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Meg Hartley's Bio Image

Meg Hartley

Meg Hartley is an Alaska-grown writer who lives and loves in Long Beach, California. Check out more of her work via and by following her on the socials, @howilostallmyfs.

Articles contributed to Leafly

6 stoney yet productive self-isolation activities

We'll all need to keep busy during self-isolation. Check out some new hobbies and ways to pass the time here.

Meg Hartley - March 20, 2020

What’s next for psychedelic decriminalization?

Decriminalize Nature is spearheading the movement to decriminalize psychedelics for medicinal use all over the world. See where they're gaining momentum.

Meg Hartley - March 4, 2020

How to tell legal from illegal cannabis dispensaries in California

It's not always easy to tell what's a legal cannabis store in California. Learn how to ensure the shop you're visiting is legal and licensed.

Meg Hartley - February 20, 2020

Seniors, it’s okay that you still love cannabis

Cannabis doesn't have to be a memory of bygone party days.

Meg Hartley - February 7, 2020

Why this author wrote a book about cannabis for parents and children

Author Susan Soares wanted parents to have a tool to help them talk to their children about "grown-up" matters like cannabis. So, she wrote a book based on her own experience.

Meg Hartley - January 21, 2020

What it’s like to be a kid who medicates with cannabis

We talked to families with children who medicate with cannabis to get a picture at what this lifestyle is like, what kinds of challenges they face, and how cannabis has transformed their lives.

Meg Hartley - January 15, 2020

Why isn’t the endocannabinoid system taught in medical schools?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a bodily system that works with all other systems to maintain optimal functionality. But did you know that this vital system isn’t covered in medical school?

Meg Hartley - January 10, 2020

Why ‘marijuana’ should have always been called ‘the gage’

Cannabis has gone through a hell of a journey to accomplish legal-ish status—but we’re still calling it by the name beloved by those who banned it: "marijuana."

Meg Hartley - November 14, 2019

End-of-life hospital care in California could soon include cannabis

The California State Legislature unanimously approved SB305, titled “Ryan’s Law.” It’s now on its way to Governor Newsom, who is expected to sign it in the coming weeks. If all goes as predicted, it will come into effect on January 1, 2020.

Meg Hartley - October 3, 2019

Endometriosis is painful as hell. At least there’s cannabis

Learn more about how cannabis is helping fighters of endometriosis, and how research is catching up to anecdotal reports of its efficacy.

Meg Hartley - September 23, 2019