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Rebecca Kelley

Rebecca is the Content Director at Leafly, where she oversees Leafly News production and other content projects.

Most popular articles

Dabbing vs. ‘Dabbin’: The Dance Craze That’s Confusing Cannabis Consumers

The rising popularity of the dab dance has left a lot of cannabis-savvy people scratching their heads, as they're confusing it with concentrated doses of cannabis.

Rebecca Kelley - January 23, 2016

Introducing Leafly’s New Cannabis Strain Identifier Tool

Today we're excited to debut Leafly's brand-new Marijuana Analysis Recognition Interpreter, or, as our development team affectionately (and appropriately) refers to her, MARI.

Rebecca Kelley - April 1, 2015

11 Arousing Strains to Help You Celebrate Valentine’s Day Right

To celebrate this amorous day, here are a few strains you might want to pick up for you and your honey, as they've been tagged by Leafly visitors as having an "arousing" affect. Enjoy!

Rebecca Kelley - February 14, 2014

Government-Run Cancer Institute Quietly Acknowledges That Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

The National Cancer Institute is a government organization designed to educate Americans about cancer, and it recently admitted that cannabis can kill cancer cells.

Rebecca Kelley - August 24, 2015

5 Frustrating Misconceptions About Cannabis

Recently we asked our Twitter followers what they feel are some of the most frustrating misconceptions about cannabis. Here are the five most popular responses.

Rebecca Kelley - May 19, 2014

Articles contributed to Leafly (by most recent)

Leafly’s Most Popular Articles From 2017

From learning about Rick Simpson Oil to busting cannabis detox myths, we share Leafly's most-read articles that were written this past year.

Rebecca Kelley - December 27, 2017

‘It Is Not a Major Public Health Hazard’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

We’ve got hysteria over “scromiting,” another debunking of the gateway drug theory, support for legal cannabis in Ireland, reciprocity hypocrisy, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - December 8, 2017

‘Why Couldn’t the Police See What It Was?’ The Week in Cannabis Quotes

In this super-sized post-Thanksgiving roundup, read reactions to Jeff Sessions’ ongoing attack on legal cannabis, Anthony Bourdain educating the masses on proper joint rolling, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - December 1, 2017

Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel Markets a New Language Learning Software for Stoners

Apparently "Rosetta Stoned" will help medical marijuana patients master a foreign language, right down to the stereotypical French "hoh hoh hohs."

Rebecca Kelley - November 25, 2017

These Tweets Perfectly Depict the Wild Ride That Is ‘Edibles Regret’

This collection of tweets details the feeling we all get when that edible finally decides to get to work and deliver face-meltingly powerful effects.

Rebecca Kelley - November 22, 2017

‘The Trouble With Pot, Said a Doctor I Know’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Art Garfunkel gets weird(er) and waxes poetic about the herb, seemingly everyone takes jabs at Jeff Sessions, an economist highlights legalization to reduce crime, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - November 17, 2017

‘Human Rights? Lay Off, That Is None of Your Business’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Philippines President Duterte dismisses those pesky human rights violations, a 12-year old girl/badass sues Jeff Sessions, a former wrestler verbally bodyslams some nosy cops, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - November 10, 2017

‘I Spent the Next Day and a Half in Bed’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Alex Trebek trips hard on some potent potables, Larry Flint lashes out at the Trump administration, Bill Nye the Science Guy throws shade at stoned ultimate frisbee players, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - November 3, 2017

‘Never Share a Joint With a Stranger. Especially Bill Maher’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

Eric Holder thinks Sessions has an "obsession" with cannabis, Kathy Bates gets too high with Bill Maher, a man gets violently stoned during a flight, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - October 13, 2017

‘Marijuana Was Maybe Present at Those Parties’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

A Supreme Court justice makes a surprising cannabis analogy, Bernie Sanders praises protests for criminal justice reform, Stephen Colbert cracks jokes about bongs, and more.

Rebecca Kelley - October 6, 2017