Get to know the PAX Era – pods, cost, value, and more

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Everything you need to know about the premium extract vaporizer

Whether you’re a self-professed vaping aficionado or a recent convert, chances are you’re no stranger to the PAX name.

PAX Labs’ sleek, compact vaping devices look more like an accessory than a smoking device, and their #PAXLife hashtag has flooded social media feeds with images of their vapes along for the ride of everyday life. Now more than ever, it’s especially important to make educated purchases, and support companies that not only serve to meet consumer needs but also offer uncompromised integrity and transparency within their products – and PAX is one of them.

But let’s keep it real. If you’re dying to try one of their products and still haven’t, allow us to officially introduce you to PAX Labs, the PAX Era, and the immense amount of technology inside it.

Getting to know the PAX Era

The PAX Era is the newest, most technologically advanced product that PAX Labs offers in Canada. It provides complete customizable control over features like temperature management and dosage, includes lock-out functionality, and supports a growing number of pod strains available in the category fit for all tastes and purposes. The pods can be conveniently switched in an instant, depending on your mood and desired outcome.

Even better? Your ability to control the PAX Era can be achieved manually on the device itself, or by connecting to their web or Android app via Bluetooth connectivity.

Years in the making, these vapes’ convenient size makes it easy to get them in and out of pockets. Carefully crafted and compact, the 3.3″ PAX Era contains cutting-edge design, a sizable battery, and futuristic cannabis vaping technology, easily charged with the included USB cable.

The PAX Era pod standard

Now that you know about the technology, you’ll want to get to know more about the pods themselves.

Each 500 mg PAX Era pod equates to about 5g of dried flower. It’s an approximate comparison due to the higher cannabinoid content in an Era pod and a more efficient and controlled release of cannabinoids when vaporizing compared to smoking. When combusted, 5 grams of dried flower can lose more than half of its cannabinoid content, leaving you with a similar amount of cannabinoids found in one Era pod. So, imagine if you had five 1g joints and didn’t lose a single whiff of smoke to air, wind, or your friends. Now you’re getting the idea.

When you think about how much 5g of herb would cost you from different provinces or producers, a PAX Era pod starts to make a lot of sense.

These pods are available in an extensive range of oils (the most variety in the category) from a running list of licensed producers across the country, including Aphria, Aurora, Supreme Cannabis, Zenabis, 48 North and Organigram. The pods don’t leak or clog (like we’re sure you’ve experienced with a 510-thread cartridge), and nothing beats being able to throw it in your bag and switch out the pods in seconds when you’re ready for something different.

And as the market grows, PAX Labs plans to continue to introduce more brand partners, offering consumers a more extensive selection of products on the PAX Era platform.

Hard numbers

With a current price range varying anywhere from $40 to $85 a cartridge, the price of PAX Era pods may be surprising. Crunch the numbers, and you’ll start to see that the PAX Era isn’t a vape pen like many others on the market; in fact, it’s a device in an entirely new category of its own.

Depending on your frequency and method of consumption, there’s a chance you’ve already spent the cost of a cartridge on flower alone, which can have discrepancies in dosages and come with that signature cannabis smell. PAX Era pods can not only last longer, are more efficient and incredibly discrete – they also deliver a personalized and consistent dosage.

So, the next time you see a PAX Era pod, consider it as you would your beloved morning coffee. Chances are you’ve invested in good beans and a machine that delivers a dependable and robust cup every time (with extra points for sleekness and aesthetics in your preferred appliance). Your chosen method of routine cannabis consumption shouldn’t be any different.

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