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5 Canadian Cannabis Strains to Help You Stay Productive this Spring

Kick into high gear this spring with these Canadian cannabis strains.

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Mar. 8-14

Cannabis news from around the web.

Sex After 50: Can Cannabis Increase Sexual Satisfaction?

Does cannabis live up to its mythological reputation as an intense aphrodisiac?

We Took Ontario’s Training Program For Cannabis Store Employees

You’re not going to become a cannabis connoisseur after taking Cannsell but you will learn about the responsibilities of a cannabis retail employee.

Canadians Could Soon Browse Cannabis with Augmented Reality

The company offers 3D models of bud and other cannabis products that you can zoom in, twirl it around, and take a snap of the bud—at any angle you please.

Canada’s First ‘Pot-io’ to Debut at Toronto Craft Beer Festival this Summer

The smoking lounge at Ontario Place will be retrofitted to accommodate cannabists.

Health Canada Says Most Online ‘Age Gates’ Not Compliant

License holders are being advised to “implement additional steps to ensure youth cannot access promotional content.”

Privacy Breach at Ontario LP Puts Patient Information at Risk

The licensed producer forgot to hit bcc' on an email to patients.

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Mar. 1-7

Cannabis news from around the web.

Women in Weed: Breaking Down Barriers in Canada’s Cannabis Industry

From whisper networks to finding a voice to speak out, here's how women are addressing systemic issues in the Canadian cannabis industry.

Women in Weed: 5 Women Leading the Charge at Canadian Cannabis Companies

We sat down for a Q&A with women in weed.

Did a Police Charity Break Canadian Cannabis Law?

Two cannabis companies were among the sponsors at this fundraiser event attended by cops and kids.

Canadian Cannabis Brands for Women by Women

From femme-focused formulations to accessories just for her.

Canadian Women Share Their Preferred Cannabis Strains for Menstrual Pain

When a heating pad just isn't enough.

‘I Tried the Edible That Made a Toronto Officer Freak Out’

The experience underscores how cannabis can affect people in vastly different ways.

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