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This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Jan. 11-18

Cannabis news from around the web.

Cannabis & Yoga Is a Match Made in Heaven, Say Many Enthusiasts

Could cannabis be the key to enhancing your next yoga session?

3 Months Since Legalization: A Snapshot of Canada’s Legal Cannabis Market

It’s been a quarter of a year since Canada made its historic move to legalize cannabis.

Canada’s Most Searched Cannabis Strains in the First 3 Months Since Legalization

See which strains your fellow Canadians are most curious about.

The High Life Episode 5: Reena Rampersad, High Society Supper Club

“A lot of people don't smoke, but everybody eats.”

Canadian Chefs Share Which Cannabis Strains Add Extra Spice to Their Lives

Cannabis strains as recommended by professional chefs.

10 Major Market Trends: Lift Expo and the Future of Cannabis in Canada

Canned cannabis, fish as fertilizer, and more emerging innovation.

Canadian Cannabis Producers Face Pushback Over Odour

The pungent odour is a byproduct of the industry.

Vancouver Dispensaries Won’t Close Without a Fight

The dispensaries allege that the city is infringing on the rights of medical cannabis users.

Ontario Cannabis Lottery Results: 25 Licenses Granted From Nearly 17,000 Applications

Selected applicants have until April 1 to open their doors.

What Are You Smoking? Episode 66: What 2019 Means for Cannabis

Bruce and Ben from our sister podcast, The Roll-Up, join the show to talk about the biggest developments last year brought to the cannabis space, and what to watch for in 2019.

This Week in Cannabis: Top Stories From Across Canada From Jan. 4-10

Cannabis news from around the web.

Strain of the Month: 5 High-CBD Products in Canada Today

Take some of the strain out of January with these high-CBD strains.

Cannabis-Infused Dinner Parties: How Much Is Too Much?

Cannabis-infused cuisine is so haute right now! But how do you know how much to eat?

Location of Secret Ontario Cannabis Store Warehouse Revealed

The location of the provincial cannabis stash was a secret until now.

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