How and where to buy legal weed in New York [Updated February 2023]

Published on December 24, 2022 · Last updated February 25, 2023

So far, New York has awarded 66 of a total 175 business licenses to its first wave of cannabis store owners. With day one of legal sales more than a month behind us, it’s still not clear where or how to order from many of the newly licensed retailers.

Only four storefront locations have opened so far—New York nonprofit Housing Works, Smacked Village, Union Square Travel Agency in Manhattan, and Just Breathe in Binghamton.

See our list below for hours and locations of every open and licensed cannabis store in New York.

If you don’t see this stamp on a storefront or packaget, it’s not legal. (Leafly / iStock: 400tmax)
If you don’t see state-licensed stamps verifying you’re at a legal dispensary, you’re not at a legal dispensary. Every licensed storefront and product will have stamps and QR codes (left) to differentiate from illicit stores posing as legal dispensaries. (Leafly / iStock: 400tmax)

Delivery plans for other licensees should roll out in the coming weeks. Many stores will be limited to delivery-only while they build out new retail storefronts. Remember, these businesses are only a few months removed from receiving license approval from the state.

How Keep It A 100 got one of New York’s first dispensary licenses

To prepare for kickoff, Leafly compiled the most up-to-date list of licensed stores, locations, and operating hours of New York’s brand new legal dispensaries. From Downtown Manhattan to way Upstate, high vibes are on the way. Here’s how to join the wave and take part in cannabis history.

How to buy legal weed in New York

New Jersey dispensary line (Jon Bain / Leafly)
(Jon Bain / Leafly)


Only a four of the 66 licensed retailers have brick and mortar locations ready so far. See the full list below.


Most of New York’s new weed stores will open via delivery first. Details on who will be open for delivery and how to make an order will be added to this article as facts become available.

Where to buy legal weed in New York

Location: 750 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 Manhattan – Broadway between Eighth Street and Astor Place (Greenwich Village)

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday. Grand opening will begin at 4:20 p.m. on Thursday December 29, 2022.

“Everything from wrapped to pre-wrapped edibles, just a full array at different price points,” Housing Works CEO Charles King told CBS News on the eve of day one. “We expect a very long line down the block, but after that we’ll be able to serve people pretty expeditiously,” King said.

Housing Works demonstrates for AIDS and HIV support at Gay Pride parade in 1991. (Lapham's Quarterly)
Housing Works volunteers demonstrate for AIDS and HIV support at Gay Pride parade in 1991. (Lapham’s Quarterly)

Located downtown, expect a historic showing of first-time dispensary shoppers over the next few months. This nonprofit supports over 15,000 people with HIV/AIDS annually, making it the nation’s largest community-based AIDS service group and minority-controlled AIDS org.

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Housing Works’ new dispensary will take over a large space that was previously a Gap retail location. The store has 4,000 square feet on the main level, plus 2,000 more on a lower floor, but will have a limited opening while the full building is renovated In the coming months.

Location: 144 Bleecker Street, New York, NY (10012)

Hours: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.

New York’s second legal store opened January 24 in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. Smacked Village owner Roland Conner is New York’s first dispensary owner with a cannabis conviction. After his new pop-up store becomes permanent, Conner plans to pass the store down to his son.

Just Breathe (Binghamton)

Just Breathe dispensary in Binghamton. (Facebook)

Location: 75 Court Street, Binghamton, NY (13901)

Hours: 12pm to 8pm (Mon-Weds), 12pm to 9pm (Thurs, Sat), 12pm to 10pm (Fri)

Upstate New York’s first cannabis store opened this Friday in Binghamton. Just Breathe, located at 75 Court Street, got its license with qualifying non-profit partner, the Broome County Urban League.

CEO Damien Cornwell told local reporters, “It’s been a long time since we’ve had industry that caused a lot of excitement in this town. I think back to the heyday of IBM and some of the other places, decades and decades ago, so I’m really looking forward to the impact and potentiality of what we’re doing here at Just Breathe for Binghamton in general.”

Union Square Travel Agency: A Cannabis Store (Manhattan)

Union Square Travel Agency cannabis store in New York (Instagram / @paulfyau)
(Instagram / @paulfyau)

Location: Soft-launch location: 62 East 13th Street

Official store location (coming summer 2023): 835 Broadway, New York, NY 10003 Manhattan – Broadway and East 13th St. in Greenwich Village.

Operating hours: 10 am-10pm (Sun – Thurs), and 10am-11pm (Fri & Sat)

The Union Square Travel Agency became New York’s fourth legal cannabis store after doors opened Monday (February 13) at noon. The soft launch opening went down at a temporary storefront located at 62 East 13th Street.

This summer, the store will move to the ground floor of a five-story building just a block away from Union Square Park, a Whole Foods, and a major subway station. The store will be owned and operated by Harbour Community and The Doe Fund. Since 1985, The Doe Fund has helped nearly 30,000 individuals break the devastating cycle of poverty, homelessness, and incarceration for homeless and formerly incarcerated men in New York City.

Here’s what Leafly’s Amelia Williams had to say after day one at USQTA:

“Product is displayed in the store center alongside digital menus, with flower and edible brands seen at New York City’s two other legal shops: Housing Works and Smacked Village. The good included flower from Florist Farms, Ayrloom, Fat Nell’s and Lobo, in addition to new New York brands like Jaunty for vapes, High Falls Canna for sungrown flower, and Blotter, the first concentrates brand on the market. Prices for flower sit at around $45-$60, with edibles $32-$40 and the concentrates at $60-$70 per half gram. Vape lovers rejoice! Jaunty sells their full grams for $55; other brands range $52-$75 per half gram, with full grams at $85.”

Amelia Williams, Leafly

These dispensaries are coming soon to Manhattan

(Meg Schmidt / Leafly)
A sneak peek of New York’s first legal homegrown flower. (Meg Schmidt / Leafly)

New York weed stores will open on a rolling basis throughout 2023. Look out for these licensed dispensaries to announce their locations and opening dates soon:

Gabriel Marin

Gotham Caurd’s STRIVE, Inc.

Planet 51 LLC

Florisun LLC (Harlem)

Polanco Brothers Corp.

Steven Steals and Co. LLC

Pure Blossoms LLC

T&C Distribution LLC

Eco Sesh

Indoor Treez Corp.

CI Wonder Enterprises, LLC

Michael D Gant

These dispensaries are coming soon to The Bronx

Marquis Hayes and Kim Stetz are two of the partners behind KeepItA100 (pronounced keep it a hundred). (Adriana Toma / Leafly)
Marquise Hayes and Kim Stetz are two of the partners behind KeepItA100 (pronounced ‘keep it a hundred’). (Adriana Toma / Leafly)

Keep it 100 LLC: Owned by Marquis Hayes, Christina Johnson, James Kahn and Kim Stetz. For five years, Hayes owned and operated Brown Butter New York, a high-end catering and specialty foods company. Read more about the owners and their plans here.


Carl M Anderson III

Royal Leaf NY

Luke Cloud, Inc.

Half Island Flavors, LLC

Diamond Dispensary, LLC

Jupiter Café

These dispensaries are coming soon to Queens

Gabbys Green LLC

Urban Weeds LLC’s Urban Upbound

CGG Enterprises Inc.

Kush & Kemet LLC’s LIFE Camp

Suzanne M Furboter

Anthony Crapanzano

Root 13, LLC

Strain Stars LLC

Social Equity CAURD JV LLC

So Vapes & Accessories

Good Grades, LLC

BazzJAT Retail Inc

These dispensaries are coming soon to Staten Island

Eastern Holdings 88 LLC


These dispensaries are coming soon to Long Island

Brian Stark Enterprises LLC

Albert D Capraro

Growth Industries NY, LLC

Lyfted Essentials, LLC


Kushmart NY, LLC


Natural Wonders Cannabis

Budding Industry Group, LLC

These dispensaries are coming soon to Upstate New York

Grinded weed shaped as New York and a joint.(series)
Dozens of New York dispensaries are stuck in licensing limbo. (Adobe Stock)

William Durham

Hydo Phonics

CWS Holdings I, LLC’s Challenge Industries

Union Chill Cannabis NY LLC

Stage One Cannabis LLC

NYCCABUDS’s Center for Community Alternatives

D-Andrews LLC

Cured NY, LLC

Essential Fowers

Capital District Cannabis & Wellness Inc.

Brent L Rogers


Air City Cannabis LLC

Ten Cees, LLC

The Highest Peak, LLC

Advanced Institutional Support Services, LLC

North Country Roots, Inc.

Humble County, LLC

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