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Have some bud with your breakfast: the best 420 friendly BnBs

Published on November 2, 2017 · Last updated September 14, 2022

As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the nation, Americans without access to legal pot can still experience cannabis culture at 420-friendly bed and breakfasts across America.

Thanks to services like Bud and Breakfast, consumers can find hosts that support cannabis consumption and want to make cannabis consumers as comfortable as possible. They understand that we don’t want to go outside in the freezing cold or scorching heat to smoke, or to try to toke up in the wind.

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Without these 420-friendly options, travel can be tricky for the cannabis community: Airbnb doesn’t have cannabis/smoke friendly filter options, hotels remain largely non-smoking, and New York City is the only American city where public consumption is legal. Though travel brands like Kayak are starting to get on the cannabis tourism train, it can still be tough to know how to find these sweet travel spots.

Real testimonies from 420-friendly bnbs

To put together this guide, we booked, checked into, and experienced these 420-friendly bud and breakfasts ourselves. They all allow for smoking and vaporizing indoors and out.

Some of these hosts provide a cannabis welcome kit, while others advise guests to BYOC. Some hosts refer guests to a community of local growers and businesses—heck, some of them are growers themselves! 

Many of these listings can be found on Bud and Breakfast, and/or through individual company websites. If you know of a 420-friendly B&B not listed in this roundup, please let us know in the comments!

It’s important to note that the prices listed may change over time.


Sol Spirit Retreats- Willow Creek, CA

photo of Sol Spirit in California with glowing tent at night

Price: $420+

Located in California’s Emerald Triangle, in Trinity County, Sol Spirit Retreats wants visitors to live their highest purpose while experiencing a glampground getaway perfect for unwinding on a weed farm.

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Sol Spirit Retreat is on the same land as Sol Spirit Farms. Guests checking into this 420-friendly glampground will sleep in a luxurious tent (yurt) that has a comfortable bed with fresh linens, a designated and private bathhouse with running water, farm breakfast, and dinner each night of the stay. As a lovely bonus, the food both includes vegan and vegetarian options, and the stay includes a cannabis weed tour.


back patio and back of house with palm trees and a glass table with two chairs. to the right, a path leads to stairs that wrap around to front of house
Courtesy of Vibesbnb

Vibesbnb- Miami, FL

Price: $100+

Located in Miami, FL, about 10 minutes from Miami International Airport, in a walkable Miami neighborhood, Vibesbnb encourages cannabis lovers to choose their vibe from a selection of spaces in their network.

Spaces are a mix of private and shared, with full kitchens, some with washers and dryers, decorated in vibrant colors, and equipped with cannabis accessories and local guides for where to shop, eat, and play in and around Miami. Guests can lounge indoor or outdoor as each space captures the vibe of Miami and the Caribbean, creating perfect beach-cation vibes.


(Courtesy of High Society BnB)

High Society BnB- Chicago, IL

Price: $140+

The first 420-friendly BnB building in Chicago (Wicker Park), where BnB stands for: beds and buds. High Society BnB wants guests to hang out and gather together in one of their three comfortable and artistic, 420-friendly spaces that come equipped with kitchens, cannabis accessories, decks/yard spaces, and hemp flower provided by the hosts/owners for each check-in.

The units are great for group travel and for those that want to walk instead of drive around Wicker Park. There are a bunch of restaurants, boutiques, and smoke shops in the area. During warm months, guests will really enjoy the outdoor areas which allow guests to kick back and feel the vibration of the city.

Inside Chicagoland’s first cannabis consumption lounge – RISE Mundelein


(Courtesy of Copperhouse Detroit)

The Copperhouse- Detroit, MI

Price: $100 +

Located in Northwest Detroit, rooted in activism, and creating a safe space for the LGBTQ community, the Copperhouse wants conscious cannabis consumers to find their home away from home in this 420-friendly safe space.

Staying at the Copperhouse means staying in a downstairs space that sleeps at least eight people It comes equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, a backyard oasis, cannabis accessories, and continental breakfast. The hosts encourage guests to bring their own cannabis, but they get you started with a joint at check-in, and offer curated experiences from a list of preferred vendors: massage therapy, meditation, and cannabis delivery.

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Tiny House Holland- Holland, MI

(Courtesy of Tiny House Holland)

Price: starting at $100/night

Located in Holland, MI just outside of Grand Rapids, MI, Tiny House Holland gives cannabis lovers all the feels of a lake town, in a cozy studio, about 5 minutes from Lake Michigan. This tiny house is fenced in with lots of privacy, a private patio area great for a cookout, a sesh in nature, and/or to watch the sunrise and set.

looking into tiny home from exterior. big farm doors have slid open to reveal quaint kitchen and big comfy bed
Courtesy of Tiny House Holland

Stays at Tiny House Holland include a small kitchen area (no stove but there is a gas grill outside), full bathroom, cannabis accessories, a menu with a range of cannabis products for purchase, and a guide to local smoke shops, dispensaries, and restaurants.

New Mexico

Pama Properties- Albuquerque, NM

inside Pama Properties
(Couorutesy of Pama Properties)

Price: $213 and up

Located about 5 minutes from Albuquerque Airport, this 420 friendly unit is beautifully decorated, has 3 full bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a full kitchen, a fun backyard perfect for fun and games, washer and dryer, and an arcade system that has more than 200 games on it inside. The space is equally great for group travel and work, with plenty of space, beds, and laptop desks located around the space.

Cannabis accessories are available, and hosts encourage visitors to bring their own cannabis but also offer discount coupons for guests that shop with their smoke shop partner.

Mujeres Valley Campground- Fence Lake, NM

person seen from behind walking on path in campground under big blue sky with some puffy clouds
Courtesy of Bud and Breakfast

Price: $15+

Located in Fencelake, NM about 2 hours west of Albuquerque, Mujeres Valley Campground (MVC) offers guests a 420-friendly experience on a 20-acre sustainable campground, surrounded by nature’s beauty.

MVC prides itself on being a safe space for the BIPOC and cannabis-loving communities. Visitors are invited to bring their own cannabis, their pets, their tents and/or RV;’s, and good vibes for a 420-friendly getaway in the mountains that is sure to recharge, reset, and reclaim balance.

Washington D.C.

(Courtesy of Canna Cape Cod)

Canna Cape Cod- Washington, D.C

Price: $280+ (for 2 guests)

The first all-inclusive 420-friendly bed and breakfast, located in D.C with all the feeling of paradise, Canna Cape Cod is located in the heart of the city. A complete vibe for guests who want to show up, check-in, and not worry about a thing.

Guests have everything at their fingertips at this all-inclusive means that: cannabis, 3 infused meals (vegan and vegetarian options available), a snack bar, cannabis accessories, infused snacks, and an open bar are all included in the price. The space is perfect for group travel, couples travel, and singles travel.

The home is decorated with gorgeous art, vibrant colors, and something for everyone: books, movies, hookah, and a backyard that is perfect for relaxation, a group sesh, and/or connection to the earth. Only in town for the day? Canna Cape Cod offers day trip options, too.

This article was updated on 4/18/2022.

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