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Hittin’ the road: Summer travel cannabis gear guide 2023

Published on June 12, 2023 · Last updated June 26, 2023
(Courtesy Harold Ludeman)
(Courtesy Harold Ludeman)

Can you feel summer right outside the front door? Pack a lunch, a bowl, and grab your hiking boots or swim trunks, because it’s time to hit the open road. On the way to the mountains or the beach, you’re going to want to stop for some of Leafly’s best strains for Summer. But before you go, make sure your weed kit contains everything for a stellar adventure. Read this hit list of essential weed gear for summer 2023.

Pipe pick

Harold Ludeman Glass Spoon pipe

(Courtesy Harold Ludeman)
A crushed opal spon pipe. (Courtesy Harold Ludeman)

A good, solid spoon pipe is the traveler’s best friend. From the forest to the festival, a spoon is step one for a good adventure kit. Coming out of the Pacific Northwest, Harold Ludeman describes his ethos as “German precision, American ambition.” Tactile and visual all at once, these pipes are solid works of art, especially his crushed opal, or “cropal” pieces. He has a full selection you can shop from now on his website and does monthly drops that subscribers can gain early access to. HaroldLudeman; $36-$1,000.

Roll like a pro

Santa Cruz Shredder + Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers hemp grinder

Have shredder, will travel. (Courtesy Santa Cruz Shredder)
Have shredder, will travel. (Courtesy Santa Cruz Shredder)

West Coast smokers swear by the Santa Cruz Shredder. Their line of pressed hemp grinders work perfectly for travel. They shred, they’re cheap, light, and won’t set off airplane metal detectors. You can get the Santa Cruz Shredder hemp grinder in four different colors or, most recently they partnered with the return of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers to make a special black version. At under $20, the Berner-approved hemp shredder won’t kill your buzz if it gets lost in the sand, or you ditch it before going back through US Customs. SantaCruzShredder; $17.95.

Re-up your stash
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MoodTrays light-up rolling tray

(Courtesy MoodTrays)
(Courtesy MoodTrays)

A model of modern convenience. MoodTrays light up trays make rolling at the campout easy and ensure you won’t lose any of that precious herb by trying to craft a joint off of a fast food wrapper. You can get them with custom graphics, Bluetooth speaker, voice controls, and enough color options to start your own disco. Sure, we all call these an extravagance, but until you’ve been in the pitch-black trying to roll a joint using echolocation can you truly say? MoodTrays; $39.99-$49.99.

Zig-Zag Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones 6-pack

Can’t roll? Don’t sweat it. Zig-Zag’s unbleached cones make for easy stuffing, even if you’re all thumbs. Built on 144 years making rolling papers, these have been the go-to brand with the weed world since the ’60s. For experts rolling up a hash hole at the swimming hole, we suggest adding 1-½ sized wide papers from Zig-Zag. Zig-Zag; $9.99 for a six-pack of cones.

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Rip Tips

Big joints need a solid tip for holding, airflow, and style. (Courtesy Rip Tips)

Cap your epic joint creation with a classy glass tip. If you have the time to shop, Rip Tips, Proper Selections, Rektipz, Murano, Phunky Feel Tips all have outstanding options but if you’re in a pinch, grab some from the bin at your local glass store. GordoSci; $30.

Jar your headstash

Staze waterproof jars

Courteys of Staze)
Stay dry while tubing with Staze jars. (Courteys of Staze)

A vacuum pump inside the lid of each Staze jar allows you to pull the air out and give up to a quarter ounce an amazing storage environment. Simply pump the top a few times until you hear the click to let you know the air is all gone. A carbon filter on the top also keeps odors from escaping. And they’re waterproof for all your river activities. Plus, the new divider lets you store around 3.5 grams of cannabis along with a selection of joints. Staze.co; $18, or three for $44.

Alchemy hash jar

(Courtesy Alchemy Jars)
(Courtesy Alchemy Jars)

If you’re a homemade hash-maker, terpene preservation trumps all. So when taking dabs in the great outdoors, you want something rugged that can hold your rosins and resins with ease. Alchemy’s tough jars are the first of its kind specifically engineered to protect and preserve the terps. With vacuum seal technology and a borosilicate glass insert, these have already been tops at taking the head stash on the go. Recently they’ve added stackable insert jars so you can take multiple flavors or just a smaller amount. Fill ’em up and move ’em out. Alchemyjars; $39.99/$8inserts.

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Bad-ass packs

Alien Labs 4D backpack & stash bag

(Courtesy Alien Labs)
(Courtesy Alien Labs)

Just like a baby, you can’t leave your weed in the car or take it inside without getting some unwanted attention. That’s where Alien Labs stepped in. The backpack can hold your smoking devices, water supply, power bank, and accessories while the customizable dividers on the smaller bag allow you to stack up to eight glass eighth jars inside. The odor control will blow you away, thanks to five layers of protection and an activated charcoal filter layer. Available in four cosmic colors. Twentysixtynine; $100/$55.

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Yeti Daytrip Lunch Box

(Courtesy YETI)
A wook’s best friend: the YETI lunch box. (Courtesy YETI)

When it comes to terp storage, the name all the extract and concentrate fans trust is YETI. The Hopper and Hopper Flip models remain the usual option for the hash enthusiast, but if you’re just headed on a quick solo mission you can’t go wrong with the Daytrip Lunch Box. Room for up to five cans which means plenty of space for ice packs. The recessed top works as a small rolling tray. Don’t risk spoiling hash worth more than gold—splurge on the luxury model available in four colors. Yeti; $80.

Dab on the go

Heat Cage dab accessory

Safety first: Only you can prevent forest fires. (Courtesy Sesh Essentials)
Smokey-approved: Prevent forest fires with Heat Cage. (Courtesy Sesh Essentials)

OK, dabbers—let’s agree that taking your dab torch out of the house can get harrowing. No surface is safe from that exposed metal tip. Once it’s hot, it seems to target your hands, car interiors, and your favorite clothes for burn damage. The answer? A simple yet effective and stylish device created by two friends in Colorado. Slipping easily over the end of either a Blazer GT8000 or Blazer Big Buddy torch, this Heat Cage makes sure you don’t burn everything in sight. Sesh Essentials handcrafts these Heat Cages in custom colorways. SeshEssentials; $50-$60.

Dr.Dabber XS

Coming out at the end of 2022, Dr.Dabber created a solid, low-cost, handheld dab device that manages to offer superior portability with a little luxury. This road dog boasts pass-through USB-C charging, four temperature settings (475°-675°), a spill-proof glass chamber, and around 35 heating cycles on a single charge. The XS fits in your pocket and can fully charge in under an hour. It doesn’t come with a carrying case but being spill-proof means it’s easy to toss in your bag when you’re in a hurry. DrDabber; $159.95.

Fresh threads

Culture Kings Towelie UV changing t-shirt

Don't forget your towelie. (Courtesy Culture Kings)
Fun in the sun: The t-shirt’s eyes turn red when exposed to UV light. (Courtesy Culture Kings)

Cannabis fashion has become a real thing nowadays and with warm weather taking over, you’re going to need that statement piece for the beach. Thankfully, Goat Crew dropped this ultimate collab to keep things cool this summer. Featuring South Park’s most famous stoner, the Towelie shirt not only looks good, but it has a hidden feature. Stepping out in the sun will activate the UV reaction and cause a special alternate version to appear. The perfect companion piece to my South Park Towelie Adidas. CultureKings; $39.99.

Cannabolish freshener spray

(Courtesy Cannabolish)
(Courtesy Cannabolish)

Smokers on the go know the hassles of the rental checkout. Even if you only puffed on the back deck, the smell of good herb can give management the impression that you broke some rules. Protect your security deposit—spray Cannabolish each time you stub out that joint. Cannabolish developed a wintergreen and lavender scent specifically to help mask that telltale odor. I keep the small one under my passenger seat for those unexpected parking lot sessions. Cannabolish.com; $11.99/$14.99.

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