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Roll With It: Creative Joint Artists Showcase Their Best Work

Roll With It: Creative Joint Artists Showcase Their Best Work

Hannah Meadows
April 18, 2017
Tony Greenhand
 and other early joint artists paved the way in the world of creative joint rolling, and the field hasn’t stopped gaining steam or depth since. Many joint rollers and creatives have taken their talent to Instagram, even participating in creative joint rolling contests such as The National Joint League’s
 head-to-head joint rolling tournaments. If you’re just getting the hang of how to roll the perfect joint
, take a quick break and get inspired by the following joint rolling creatives. If you’re curious to see what it takes to become a professional creative joint roller, follow the artists below to find out.

Want to show off your own joint creation? Post a picture in the comments below!









Swords, watches, guns — the sky’s the limit for this joint artist. You can find more of flupu4real’s creations here









Baccarattbert put his name on the joint rolling map with his impressive shark joint, and he’s only evolved from there. Follow baccarattbert’s creative joint rolling here
 to keep up with his other creations.









This roller’s work is incredibly realistic: his boat seems ready to set sail, while his dinosaur looks like its brethren never went extinct. More of chris68ironcheff’s work can be seen here









We love the classy black-and-gold cannabis leaf motif snuck into both projects above. Follow p_mhs’s creative joint rolling here
 to see his other amazing works.







Some of the cleverest joint art around comes from roll_with_codyvangogh — he’s a true artist with a passion for cannabis and creative smokes. Click here
to roll with Cody.








Ever wake up with the hankering to smoke a Kermit-the-Frog-shaped joint? Well, luck is in your favor with buzz_budz’ creative cannabis figures. More of buzz-budz’ work can be found here

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