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Saving Elephants One 24k Gold Joint at a Time

Published on June 18, 2018 · Last updated August 17, 2023

What is being touted as the world’s most expensive joint—valued at $24,000—was auctioned off last week to benefit the African Wildlife Foundation. To bid on it, one had attend a party thrown by California cannabis company Stone Road, held at Fig Earth Supply in Northeast Los Angeles. The event was to celebrate Stone Road receiving its state license. And also to save elephants.

The covetable joint was crafted by blunt artist (and Instagram hero) Weaver, covered in 24K gold wrapping papers, and filled with over a pound of flower, bubble hash, and concentrates donated by Team Elite Genetic, Stone Road, and Soligrown Solventless.

One might call it a cornucopia for two reasons: it packed a hell of a lot of weed, and it had the correct shape. Yet instead of a goat’s horn, this joint was crafted like an elephant’s tusk.

One might call it a cornucopia for two reasons: it packed a hell of a lot of weed, and it had the correct shape. Yet instead of a goat’s horn, this joint was crafted like an elephant’s tusk. Poachers kill elephants for their tusks, which is precisely why the African Wildlife Foundation works so hard to defend these creatures. Stone Road Founder and CEO Lex Corwin became connected to the foundation via an aunt who works with them and decided to add the social cause to the celebration.

“Elephants are being slaughtered in unprecedented numbers. Our generation could literally wipe the most majestic land animal off of the earth for all future generations. It’s not just irresponsible — it’s criminal. And preventable… We are partnering with reputable, on-the-ground nonprofits and sanctuaries to aid in anti-poaching efforts,” Corwin said, via a release.

The joint ultimately sold for $4,000, and that’s not just a good deal for the buyer and the small army of friends they’ll need to smoke it. The funds will also go on to benefit the conservation organization and its programs, which, Cowin noted, includes the training of German Shepherds who will track poachers.

Find Dispensaries NearbyYou may have seen Stone Road’s hand-rolled joints, which come beautifully packaged in individual plastic vials and sealed with a cork, at dispensaries around L.A. They’re stuffed with with organic flower, grown in Grass Valley, CA, about 60 miles north of Sacramento.

“We use 100 percent pure flower, which a lot of companies talk about doing, but few actually do,” Corwin told Leafly. “If you break apart our joints, I guarantee it’ll be phenomenal weed.”

Beyond simply selling joints and rosin, the company also offers an interesting rewards package. Instead of gifting extra joints or branded merchandise, Stone Road provides experiences, including shows at the Hollywood Bowl, 420-friendly yoga classes, and surfing lessons.

“It’s basically us saying we’re a lifestyle company. Yes, we sell cannabis, but we also want you to go out and do things that are fun when you’re high,” Corwin said.

The party put that lifestyle on display. Though the massive joint was the pièce de résistance, guests also enjoyed vegetarian and vegan eats, an open bar, non-alcoholic MatchaBar bevs, and, of course, Stone Road joints. Guests could also roll their own using Stone Road flower and lavish 24K gold rolling papers by Shine.

Brooklyn-based R&B/Soul artist Gabriel Garzón-Montano finished the evening. His 2017 album Jardín references a variety of plant-life throughout its tracks, and was named one of the year’s best by NPR. A fitting end to an evening spent inside an organic nursery celebrating legal cannabis. (Although passing that 24k joint around the room would’ve been pretty epic, too.)

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Juliet Bennett Rylah
Juliet Bennett Rylah
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