THC-vision: The best TV shows to watch stoned

Published on August 4, 2022
best tv high
Kick back, take a toke, and turn on the tv. (Leafly)

The idea of a lazy stoner sitting on the couch and watching television all day has worn itself out into stereotype. But that doesn’t change the fact that watching TV while lit up like a Christmas tree remains one of the most enjoyable experiences in this universe. 

With snacks in hand and a lit bong on the table, the only conundrum to sort out is what to watch. In the modern era of television programming and streaming services, we face an ever-growing and seemingly-endless cacophony of available choices.

Thankfully, your friends at Leafly have concocted a list of eight not-to-be-missed programs that tickle the mind while under the influence of your favourite strain.

So without further ado, here is what to watch when high:

Rick & Morty

rick and morty show aliens
One could argue, that you haven’t really seen Rick and Morty until you’ve seen it stoned. (Courtesy Adult Swim)

This powerhouse of an animated series follows the adventures of a mad scientist named Rick Sanchez and his awkward grandson Morty Smith. Together, they go on interdimensional adventures that question the nature of reality while also leading a mundane domestic life.

The reason this show makes our “things to watch while high” list comes right from the comedy. Rick & Morty has carefully woven, highly-intelligent jokes in the dialogue, but if you’ve taken a particularly potent concentrate dab and your brain just wants funny colours and images, the visual comedy amuses just as well.

Rick & Morty has 5 seasons and counting, in case you want a long night (or weekend) of laughs.

Stranger Things

stranger things tv 80s weed
A weed-house. You know a birdhouse but for weed. (Courtesy Netflix)

Chatter about Stranger Things abounds these days with the fourth season recently released on Netflix, and there are ample reasons for that. The series has always confidently layered excellent storylines with deep and nuanced character development.

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This part science fiction, part horror, part drama hybrid takes place in a fictional town called Hawkins, Indiana in the ‘80s, and focuses on many supernatural events that transpire there.

Granted, the show is far more in-depth and detailed than what we can describe here—it would take the rest of this article to explain it all.

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There’s even a significant amount of marijuana references in the series thanks to a character named Argyle. In season 4 episode 1, he even makes a weed birdhouse!

Needless to say, the combination of nostalgic ‘80s references and constant twists and turns in the plot make “Stranger Things” one of the best shows to watch stoned.

The Mandalorian

star wars baby yoda
Grab some green and your fav baby Yoda swag for binging the Mandalorian. (Courtesy Disney+)

The recent influx of new “Star Wars” content out there makes it easy to assume that Disney is trying for quantity rather than quality, but that’s (mostly) not the case at all.

Most of the new series based on the original movies have received incredible praise from fans and critics alike, and one of those righteous shows is The Mandalorian.

The series follows a character named Din Djarin, a member of the Mandalorian tribe, essentially a clan-style group that follows a specific code of conduct and disciplined way of life.

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Djarin starts off as a ruthless bounty hunter trolling the galaxy for wanted individuals and eventually meets a being called Grogu (also called Baby Yoda), a child of the same species as Master Yoda.

It’s hard not to melt in the presence of this walking plush toy and that is exactly what happens when Djardin spends more time with him.

The Mandalorian is a great way to enjoy Star Wars even if you aren’t familiar with the main franchise. It’s obviously connected to the original lore and you will have a deeper experience the more you know about the Star Wars universe, but it won’t hinder your ability to enjoy the show for what it is.

Trailer Park Boys

trailer park boys weed
Remember the one with the driveway made of hash? (Courtesy Swearnet)

If you want weed-worthy content homegrown in Canada, then look no further than Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys employs the mockumentary motif packed with marijuana references. The three main characters, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, live in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and find themselves constantly trying to make money illegally, which more often than not lands them in jail.

The show’s dark humour coupled with its easy pace and attitude blend perfectly when you just want to chill and laugh…a lot. A must-see, if we do say so ourselves.

Somebody Feed Phil

somebody please feed phil show
Your visual cure for the munchies. (Courtesy Netflix)

It would be absolute blasphemy to have a list of the best shows for stoners and not include something in the food category. Even better, a show where all you have to do is watch people eat delicious cuisine instead of trying to follow along with an in-depth recipe. And no, we don’t mean Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. 

Somebody Feed Phil stars Phil Rosenthal, the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond. With his very humorous dialogue and observations, Rosenthal travels to exotic destinations to talk with interesting people and eat delicious cuisine.

The combination of amazing food and Rosenthal’s unique sense of humour easily makes “Somebody Feed Phil” one of the best shows for stoners.

Schitt’s Creek

This one’s for you Canada. (Courtesy Netflix)

If you haven’t heard of Schitt’s Creek then you obviously don’t have television. This extremely popular series stars a number of fantastic actors, including comedy icons Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara.

The premise of the long-running series is a very rich family, who made all their money in a chain of video stores and ended up losing most of their fortune. They are then forced to move into their last remaining asset, a motel in a small town that they bought.

This show has the same chaotic family flow as hits like Modern Family and Arrested Development. The comedy can be subtle and blatant, but the biggest asset to this now-minted TV show lies in the character development. These characters are spoiled, over-privileged rich folks, yet you fall in love with them very quickly and stay for the duration of the series. 


cosmos space
Now that you’re done binging those NASA photos, it’s time to cue up Cosmos. (Courtesy NatGeo)

This profound series delves into big, ponderous questions about space and existentialism—it could very well be one of the best things to watch high, period. 

Hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, Cosmos combines easily-understood scientific theory and explanations with intricate storytelling about space, human nature, and the world around us. 

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Episodes delve into fascinating topics that include what molecules do and how they permeate everything, the speed of light and how we calculate it and the lifespan of a star. Pair that with a strong indica at the end of the day, and you just might solve the deepest mysteries of the universe.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

always sunny
Dayman, fighter of the nightman, champion of the sun. (Courtesy FX)

Last (but most certainly not least) on our list of things to watch while high is It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Numbers speak for themselves: this show now has more seasons than any other American live-action comedy series.

Still going strong, Sunny follows a group of narcissistic, sociopathic, and rather doltish friends known as “The Gang” who run an Irish bar in South Philadelphia.

Oftentimes, this highly amoral group will come up with dark schemes to conspire against one another for personal gain, vengeance, or just to be jerks for jerk’s sake.

Their adventures are dark, to say the least, but always result in cringe-worthy laughs designed to shock. Anything that features the legendary Danny DeVito makes for a winning ticket.

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Jon Hiltz
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