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5 Canadian Films to Watch While High

The NFB is a goldmine for binge watching.

Drag Queen Laganja Estranja Battles Homophobia in Cannabis Culture

The RuPaul’s Drag Race alum and So You Think You Can Dance star talks LBTGQ cannabis, a new album, and her five favorite strains.

The 11 Most Iconic ‘Happy Brownie’ Scenes in Film History

December 8th is National Brownie Day! Celebrate by watching this selection of classic tv episodes featuring weed brownie-fueled hilarity.

Classic TV Characters Who Could Really Use a Little Weed

These uptight characters could use a relaxing strain or two to loosen up. Here are the best strains for them, and maybe for you, too!

Feeling ‘Insecure’ Like Issa Rae? These Strains Can Help

Some people may be Team Lawrence—others, Team Daniel—but we are all Team Issa. All Day. Every Day. Though her vision of life, love, and letting…

Stoners, Tokers, and Stereotypes: A Decade of Weed on Screen

Will we ever see an end to the stoner stereotype in movies & TV? We take a look at the progress the entertainment industry has made in the past 10 years.

The Best Strains for Dystopian Binge-Watching

It may be the end of the world as we know it, but with these great cannabis strains & products, you can binge your favorite dystopian tv shows and feel just fine.

Watch This: Jimmy Kimmel Guesses Who’s ‘Too High’

The late night talk show host recently created a game show where he guesses which contestant is high. Think you could fool him by acting "sober"?

Action Bronson Just Got a HUGE Skull Tattoo

It’s late night cable TV entertainer Action Bronson‘s world. We just live in it. Just look at this beast skull tattoo he announced on Instagram…

‘Dear God…So Crazy…COUGHCOUGH’: The Week in Cannabis Quotes

From Seth Rogen's gravity-bong-inspired proclamations to US senators slamming the pharmaceutical industry for opposing legalization, here are the week's most notable cannabis quotes.

Take a Look Back at Some of Snoop Dogg’s Best TV and Movie Moments

In honor of the Doggfather, we did a deep dive into the world of YouTube and complied a list of some of the funniest/highest/most random/best moments in the career of Sir Snoop.

6 Hilarious Marijuana Moments on ‘Family Feud’

The latest run of "Family Feud" episodes and their cheeky cannabis references indicates that not only are times a-changing, they could get you to the Fast Money Round.

The 7 Best Strains for High Movie Watching

Movies and cannabis make the perfect match when lighting up with the right strains. Check out our pick of strains practically made for high movie watching.

Interview: ‘The Guy’ on Lemon Haze, Nostalgia, and Season 2 of ‘High Maintenance’

We interview Ben Sinclair about Season 2 of HBO's "High Maintenance," which is about a lot more than cannabis, but still gets cannabis culture right.

Smoke This, Watch That: Movie and TV Picks for December 2017

Spark up some Sour Kush and check out December's streaming offerings, from Marvel superhero series "The Punisher" to the stoner comedy "Ripped" and more.

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