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What Does Your Stoner Poster Say About You?

April 6, 2018
(Courtesy of AB Posters)
There’s an abundance of cannabis-themed posters and artwork available to purchase, most of which you’ve seen on the walls of your stoner friend’s apartment. With that being the case, let’s take a joking look at some of the most common cannabis-themed posters and ask ourselves the all-too important question, “What does your cannabis poster say about you?”

Bob Marley Poster

(Courtesy of AB Posters)

What It Says About You:

You’re either a college student, someone who’s overly vocal about your newfound love for cannabis, only purchase by the gram, or a combination of all three. You could also be a huge Bob Marley fan, but my experiences have taught me that most people with Bob Marley posters are relatively new to cannabis and use them as a way to say, “Yo, guess who’s smoking ganja now! Yup, you guessed it!”

The newbie stoner with the Marley poster has definitely paid $25 for a gram and considered it a bargain. But I love you all the same. If you fit this description, do yourself a favor: search for cheaper alternatives for financial purposes, and also start listening to “One Love” on a daily basis just in case anyone ever calls your fanhood into question.


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Alien Stoner Poster

(Courtesy of StonerDaysCLothing/Etsy)

What It Says About You:

You own more black t-shirts than any other color of clothing, and you probably keep a conspiracy theory or two on deck at all times. The alien poster is for the person who loves to get stoned and not only asks the most obscure “Have you ever thought about ____” types of questions, but also question everything the government told us about the JFK assassination and the existence of aliens. Elon Musk probably has a few of them as floor mats in his Tesla helicopter.


(Editor’s note: Remember the aforementioned “joking look” remark kicking off this list? Good. Just checking.)


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Peace Sign Poster

(Courtesy of Walmart)

What It Says About You:

If you have a peace sign poster, you’re one of those people who loves and welcomes everyone. I see one of these posters on your wall and I instantly know that your shoulder is a safe place for any tears I may need to drop. Additionally, this poster tells me that you probably keep some herbal teas on deck and have one of those “COEXIST” stickers on your car, your laptop, or both.


50 Years Ago: What Was the Summer of Love Like, Grandpa?

Tie-Dye Tapestry

(Courtesy of Amazon)

What It Says About You:

If you’re reppin’ the tie-dye tapestry on your walls, congratulations: you’ve arrived at full hippie mode and I’m happy for you. The tie-dye not only suggests that you are quite experienced with cannabis, but that you may have also explored other psychoactive substances. (That’s actually why you have the tie-dye, so when you’re in one of those psychoactive zones, you can fall into the colors of it and search for the meaning of life.)

The tie-dye also suggests that you only eat cage-free eggs (if you eat eggs at all).


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Weed Leaf Poster

(Courtesy of Amazon)

What It Says About You:

You’re pretty aggressive in making sure people know that you’re a lover of getting stoned. You can’t wait to overhear someone talk about cannabis so you can jump into their conversation like Farva in Super Troopers when he yells “You talking about Shenanigans?!” from down the hall. You also have at least four pairs of cannabis leaf socks, and you cannot wait until summer hits so you can rock them with khaki shorts.


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Any Kind of Educational Poster


What It Says About You:

You’re down to argue about the positive effects of medical marijuana at a moment’s notice. It’s just what you do. Anyone who doesn’t believe in the healing powers of the plant is going to get an earful from you, and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Not only that, you’re a professional cannabis enthusiast. You won’t smoke anything if you don’t know exactly where it’s from, if it’s sativa/indica-leaning or a balanced hybrid, and what the THC/CBD ratio may be. We respect you for it, though. The movement needs people like you.

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Dante Jordan

Dante Jordan is a Content Associate for Leafly, where he specializes in creating topics pertaining to cannabis products, strains, and dispensaries. He also manages the Leafly strain database.

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  • lionel

    it’s either “Practice Pot” or it’s worth Smoking….You stay in Practice till the “Good Stuff” comes back to town. (Old School)

  • Ross Frisken

    Lol…that last one is definitely me…..too funny…. 🙂

    • desolate21

      Took me a moment to realize it wasn’t a midpage ad, but obviously just another example of poster. Was kind of upset when I clicked on it and didn’t take me to that infographic’s article so I could read the data. Then I read the last line, and smiled. Mine is out of a place of medical research, so yes, I agree! 🙂


  • Scooter Bell

    I don’t have a poster/wall mount, so it means I don’t toke enough! :]

  • randolini

    My favorite poster was Fat Freddy of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers saying “Drugs will get you through times with no money better than money will get you through times with no drugs.” Yeah, i’m old.