The Roll-Up #146: Cannabis, racism, and America’s crisis

Published on June 5, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020
Racist policing is one symptom of a social and legal system designed to benefit one group of people and keep another group disempowered. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

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Episode 146: Cannabis, racism, and America’s crisis

This week:

Cannabis prohibition and American racism have been intertwined from the very beginning. This week Bruce, Alyssa, and Hannah dive into it.

Resources and things to read: 

Cannabis and America’s uprising: Time to answer the knock at the door (Leafly)

What does it mean to be “anti-racist”? (National Museum of African-American History and Culture)

How the practice of red-lining turned these Long Island towns white (Slate.com)

Black Americans are four times more likely to be arrested for marijuana (ACLU report)

President Nixon’s “War on Drugs” was a pretext for arresting Black people (Drug Policy Alliance)

Examining the white-Black wealth gap in America (Brookings Institution)

How the U.S. government kept Black families out of the suburbs (NPR)

What “defund the police” really means (The Atlantic)

WTF is this all about now?

Every Friday the Roll-Up crew—Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman, and Hannah Staton—dissect the week’s top stories in cannabis with analysis, arguments, jokes, and obscure cultural references. It’s a news and culture podcast, slightly elevated.

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