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The Roll-Up #105: Medicine and Laughter

This week, we talk medicine, laughter, and cannabis with Jessamyn Way and Ngaio Bealum.

The Roll-Up #102: Fart Carts Will Break Your Lungs

Dozens were hospitalized this month after using illegal vape cartridges. David Downs explains what's going on.

The Roll-Up #101: It’s a Hempfest Invasion

Nobody told us we'd have 100,000 houseguests this weekend. Or maybe they did.

The Roll-Up #100: That New Office Smell

We just moved in to Leafly's new world headquarters and everything *inhales* smells like magic.

The Roll-Up #98: Super Sexy Banking Episode

The Senate holds a hearing on cannabis banking and it is super super hot. Also, Kamala Harris and Kirstin Gillibrand win the week in cannabis and social justice.

The Roll-Up #97: Where Is Kamala Harris on Cannabis?

This week we look into Kamala Harris's legalization record, Kansas's CBD confusion, and California's cannabis crackdown.

The Roll-Up Bonus Episode: Talking Cannabis & CBD

Bruce talks with Aliza Sherman (above) and Dr. Junella Chin, authors of "Cannabis & CBD for Wellness & Health," about cannabis, dosing, and long-distance collaboration.

The Roll-Up #95: We’re Investing in Rolling Papers

This week: Congress holds a hearing on legalization and Anonymous puts a 'buy' rating on Zig Zag papers. 

The Roll-Up #94: Martha Washington Was A Hip, Hip Lady

Hey baby, it's the 4th of July. So we're talking founding fathers, mothers, and cannabis.

The Roll-Up #93: Crossing State Lines With Cannabis

This week: The presidential contenders come out (mostly) for legalization, and Oregon wants to export hay bales of weed.

The Roll-Up #89: Joe Biden Takes the Coward’s Path

This week: Biden embraces the boldest drug reform policy of 1996. Also, CBD may reduce addiction cravings.

The Roll-Up #88: Busting Dispensary Myths All Day Long

In this week's news: Bruce reveals what happens to crime rates after legalization.

The Roll-Up #87: Can You Pick Up an Eighth for Me?

I mean legally, can you? Ben delves into the question on this week's show.

The Roll-Up #86: Maybe Trump Should Try Magic Mushrooms

This week in cannabis news: Trump outs himself as a prohibitionist, and Denver votes on legalizing the 'shrooms.

The Roll-Up #85: Can You Patent a Spliff?

A company patents tobacco + cannabis. Also, we recover from 4/20 and remind you to wear your safety goggles.

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