Cannabis Supporters Plan ‘Smoke-in’ After 4/20 Arrests Near Capitol

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WASHINGTON (AP) — After a cannabis giveaway that led to eight arrests, marijuana legalization supporters are returning to the U.S. Capitol — and this time they plan to light up.

DC Advocates Face Criminal Charges Over 4/20 Joint Giveaway

Activists say they expect to be arrested during Monday’s “smoke-in” outside the Capitol.

The arrests during Thursday’s free-joint giveaway were unexpected because it’s legal to possess small amounts of cannabis and give it away for free in the District of Columbia. The demonstration was held on city land in an attempt to comply with the law. Prosecutors later filed charges against only two of those who were arrested.

Trump Taps Tom Marino as Drug Czar. That’s Good (and Bad) for Legalization

Consuming cannabis in public remains illegal everywhere in Washington. Activists plan to gather outside the Capitol at noon and light up at 4:20 p.m., a time that holds significance for cannabis enthusiasts.