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New Mexico Bill to Create State-Run Dispensaries Appears Dead

The bill has stalled in the Senate Finance Committee, and it doesn't appear that the chair of the panel plans to give it a hearing.

The US Surgeon General Just Tweeted WHAT About Cannabis?

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams recently used his official Twitter account to make a startling claim about cannabis. It wasn't the first time.

Martha Stewart Gets Into Cannabis. Is It a Good Thing?

First to come: CBD offerings for pets.

Mother Jones Admits It ‘Overstated’ Cannabis Mental Health Risks

Despite the early media attention for his book 'Tell Your Children,' some outlets are increasingly skeptical of author Alex Berenson's conclusions.

In Indonesia, One Group Fights to Reform Zero-Tolerance Cannabis Laws

Indonesia has some of the strictest laws against cannabis in the world. With an ideal climate for cultivation and a well-known medicinal variety called Aceh, why is cannabis so taboo there?

US Virgin Islands Legalize Medical Marijuana

The US Virgin Islands this week became the latest US territory to greenlight medical cannabis.

5 Ways the Cannabis Industry Has Matured

Learn some of the ways cannabis legalization has brought maturity, innovation, professionalism, and credibility to the cannabis industry.

By the Numbers: A Year of Cannabis in 2018

2018 was such a monumental year for cannabis, it's hard to keep track of it all. We sorted out the year by the numbers to put things in perspective.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Dec. 31-Jan. 6

The sativa hybrid Champagne comes back just in time. Plus, new Dr. Who, and Steph Curry sneaks. Quick, Hit This!

Buzzes & Bummers: 2018 Was a Wild Ride in the World of Cannabis

Catch up on all the highs and lows 2018 had to offer in the world of cannabis.

2018 In Review: Wrapping Up the Rollout of Legalization in Canada

It was a momentous year for Canadian cannabis policy.

24 Cannabis Predictions for 2019 That Will Come True

The US federal government won’t legalize it, but prices will come down, and Canada’s herb will get better. Look into Leafly’s crystal orb with these predictions.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Dec. 24-30

May your days be merry and lit with the Tangerine Dream; plus new Nintendo Switch controllers, and The Strokes’ comeback.

Hit This: The Leafly Weekly Agenda for Dec. 17-23

Margot Price's sativa Pineapple Wonder, the comic Samantha Bee, and the game Warhammer all pair well this week. Time to Hit This.

US Farm Bill, Which Would Legalize Hemp, Heads to Trump’s Desk

This year's farm bill is unique: It contains a provision that would legalize industrial hemp nationwide.

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