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10 new Canadian vaping products

Published on January 6, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020
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If you haven’t been put off by the flurry of negative news headlines swirling around the potential dangers of vaping, this new category of cannabis consumables could be a welcomed way to indulge. After all, vaping can be discreet and brands are working to create a number of products that make it easy and enjoyable to smoke.

But not all Canadians will be able to buy cannabis vape products. As per new ruling in Alberta, cannabis vaping has been given the red light, and in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador
it also remains a no-go due to health concerns. Meanwhile, Health Canada maintains that vaping has the potential to be harmful and that long-term effects remain unknown.

Still, if you’re down to vape some cannabis, these are 10 new products on the Canadian market (in select provinces) that you can try.

Kolab Project

Maker: Auxly
Dose: 255 mg of THC and 2.55 mg of CBD per 0.3g pen
Price: Approx. $59, prices vary by region
Vape pens from Kolab Project come in indica, sativa, as well as hybrid varieties and most will be high THC. Cartridges come in two sizes also: 0.3g, which has 255 mg of THC and 2.55 mg of CBD per unit; and 0.5g cartridges, with 425 mg of THC and 4.25 mg of CBD.

Marley Natural

Maker: High Park (Tilray)
Dose: Varies
Price: Approx. $49.99, prices vary by region
If you know anything about the weed world in the US, Marley Natural, a Bob Marley-branded cannabis line, might ring a bell. High Park has teamed up with the well-respected company to bring it to Canada and is kicking off the collab with its Marley Green vape cartridges. They contain pure CO2 winterized hybrid cannabis oil that is 75% to 85% THC, plus they work with most 510-thread vaporizer products.


Maker: High Park (Tilray)
Dose: 400 mg or more of THC per pen
Price: Approx. $44.99, prices vary by region
Canaca is one of the marque brands in the High Park portfolio and it prides itself on good ol’ Canadian heritage. The new vape pens will be added to the brand’s already existing roster of dried flower, prerolls, and oil.


Dose: 0.5 ml per pod
Price: Varies by region and retailer
Namaste’s PAX Era Pods will launch in three strains including D Bubba (a sweet and earthy high-THC, low-CBD that’s indica-dominant), Ultra Sour (a heavy hybrid that’s sativa-dominant with citrus and diesel scents), and Citrique (a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s high in THC with a lemonade-like flavour).


Maker: Canopy
Price: Starting from approx. $34.99, varies by region and retailer
For the tech-savvy toker there are Juju Joints. These single-use vape pens are bluetooth-enabled and can be connected to a smartphone app that reveals info about the pen, like strain details and when to change the cartridge. They’re recyclable and use a pod-based system.

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Maker: Auxly
Price: Approx. $48.75, varies by region and retailer
Dose: 800 mg THC and 8 mg CBD per 0.3 ml pen
Expect fruit flavours from Foray’s sativa-blend vape pen. The 0.3 ml disposable vape pen is rechargeable and uses leak-resistant tech to ensure no liquid gets inside of the device.


Price: Approx. $55, varies by region and retailer
Dose: 2.25 mg THC per hit
Dosist vape pens will come in a large and small size, depending on your preference. The former equals about 200 hits per pen while the latter is about 50. Both pack 2.25 mg of THC per hit. The come in different profiles, like Arouse (sativa-dominant) and Blend (a hybrid).


Price: Varies by region and retailer
Dose: Varies
Like other products from Solei, including infused drinks and dried flower, the vape pens will follow a “moments-based approach.” For example, Gather is a sativa that’s meant to give users a boost of energy for social settings and is 7:1 THC:CBD per 250 mg pen, while Balance, a more low-key THC/CBD blend, is dosed at 1:1 THC:CBD per 250 mg pen. Each pen houses about 100 hits.


Price: Approx. $53.99, varies by region and retailer
Dose: 76% THC per 290 mg pen
RIFF pens will roll out this month, though you can already find them for sale at some retailers, including Cannabis New Brunswick’s website. They come in a variety of strains, including the indica-dominant Grand Daddy Purps Sour Kush, and Jean Guy x Super Lemon Haze, a sativa. Both are 76% THC in a 290 mg pen. The same two strains are also available from RIFF for PAX Era Pods.


Price: Starting at $50, varies by region and retailer
Dose: 500 ml cartridge
The first vape cartridge from Avitas, all which work with 510 thread vape battery products, will be a sativa that’s available in stores early February 2020. Both indica and hybrid varieties will follow in March.

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