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7 Cannabis Strains That Will Make You Appreciate the T-Rex

On August 12, 1990, George H.W. Bush was president, Flatliners ruled the box office (back when Billy was the top Baldwin), and Americans had a Vision of Love for the right half of Mariah Carey’s face. But more importantly, a fossil hunter by the name of Susan Hendrickson made a groundbreaking discovery that would change our understanding of one of the most iconic predators to ever stomp around Earth.

Jurassic Park would not be released for nearly three more years, but on this date in dinophile history, Hendrickson discovered the largest-ever Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton while exploring the cliffs near Faith, South Dakota. At over 90 percent completion, the 65 million-year old specimen dubbed “Sue” (named, of course, after Hendrickson) gave scientists a deeper understanding of the formidable creature, including its incredible sense of smell and the inclusion of a wishbone that links this species to birds.

We Get It, These Strains Make You Higher Than a Giraffe's Genitals

In honor of the animal with the too-short arms that’s inspired a blockbuster franchise, a regrettable Whoopie Goldberg film, a dino dance, and countless other moments in history, pick up one of these cannabis strains that made reviewers appreciate the T-Rex a little more than usual.

Leafly hybrid Orange Bud cannabis strain tile  Orange Bud

Very nice high. I saw my friend with a very big head and short arms, he locked like a t-rex. My other friend was like 2d or something and i got really funny hallucinations 😀 awesome strain!Netzon

Leafly hybrid Chemdawg 4 cannabis strain tile  Chemdawg 4

I was the T-Rex of the pot dinosaurs and I was fending off all the other pot -loving dinosaurs away from my stash. Pretty damn good.hoobear

Leafly hybrid Ambrosia cannabis strain tile  Ambrosia

This bud gets a five star review just for how great it smells. Your nose won’t ever bleed again 😉 Amazing high that seems to be perfectly between sativa and indica. Imagine that dank strain that got stepped on by a T rex and went extinct. Idk tho. – the ever-poetic mmmoon

Leafly indica Platinum Bubba Kush cannabis strain tile  Platinum Bubba Kush

2 is enough. Holy T-Rex hand grenade, Batman! Japanese ninjas in raptor suits. Definitely a good one for porch use. Spiders and spiderwebs. Bug whispering. – the appropriately named TRexLovesMaeWest

Leafly hybrid Sour OG cannabis strain tile  Sour OG

Bruh. This the strain you needa be investing if you’re a high class, chef type stoner. This gets you that creative flow to make the best darn chicken park yo’ mama never made. Then the indica comes In. THEN YOU EAT THE REST O THAT CHICKEN PARM LIKE U A T REX TO DUCKY FROM THE LAND BEFORE TIME. Yeah it’s pretty dope.halfbakejft

Leafly hybrid Black Jack cannabis strain tile  Black Jack

[…] Its very heavy in it flowering yet not overly dense and this allows for THC to develope in 360 degree platforms instead of just one side of a hard bud such as Stonehenge or T-Rex.Curufinwe420

Leafly hybrid Blueberry Silvertip cannabis strain tile  Blueberry Silvertip

[…] Wait… what was I reviewing? You jump off the mountain and soar through the sky like a pterodactyl. No, you ARE a pterodactyl. No! A velociraptor. NO! A T-REX! RAAAAAWWWWRRR!! But wait T-Rexes can’t fly. You fall to the ground and hurt your butt. You go to rub it, but your arms are too short… – the exceptionally verbose i_miss_u_cupcake (there’s lots more to this review, so click through to read the parts about hockey masks, gorillas, Dory the fish, and Captain Helper-Guy)

8 Cannabis Strains That Will Make You Exclaim "Holy Cow!"

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