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8 stash boxes to make your back-to-campus storage dreams come true

Published on August 18, 2022 · Last updated August 29, 2023
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A sturdy stash box is a must for anyone who enjoys weed. Not only does it keep your supplies organized and easy to find, but a good stash box will also limit the skunky smell of your various flower strains.

Whether you’re moving into a dorm and sharing your space with a new roomie or just want to tighten up your kit, these stash boxes will make all your storage dreams come true. Scroll on for eight of the best boxes on the market right now.

Herb Guard Steel Stash Box

(Courtesy of Herb Guard)

Herb Guard refers to its understated matte black steel stash box as a vault because it’s air-tight and sturdy. This stash box keeps flower in a perfectly fresh environment thanks to its humidity-regulated technology.

It also has a built-in O-Ring gasket and steel clasp, which keeps the stink locked in and oxygen out. Each one comes with a rolling tray as well as one container to house your fav bud.

Get it on HerbGuard.com

Ally Lockable Storage Box

(Courtesy of Ally)

The Canadian-designed Ally lockable storage container makes storing cannabis products hassle-free, convenient, and, dare we say, stylish.

Ally is a solution for students looking to safely lock away indulgences and medications, without sacrificing good design. There’s a tray with multiple compartments, an open lower storage space, and an integrated combination lock.

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Get it on TheAllyCo.com

Cannador Humidor Box

(Courtesy of Cannador)

This humidor stash box is a solid choice for tokers who appreciate the freshest bud. Each one comes with custom containers and you can choose which size of box best suits your smoking habits. This includes a minimal two-jar humidor as well as one that can store nine jars.

This stash box locks with a key (it comes with two) for an extra layer of security and looks incredibly nondescript with its plain wood exterior and lack of branding.

Get it on Cannador.com

Little John New York Odor-Proof Caddy

(Courtesy of Little John New York)

Leather more your style? This stash bag comes in both a black or brown premium cowhide with a chunky double zipper to lock in the smell using a five-layer odour-proof technology.

The interior is padded so whatever accoutrements you store inside will be in good care and there are several adjustable partitions, too, that can be altered to fit different sized items, like jars, containers, grinders, oils, etc.

Get it on LittleJohnNewYork.com

The Stashbox by Myster

(Courtesy of Myster)

Metal stash boxes, including this stainless steel one from Stashtray, get bonus points for their magnetic abilities. This option comes with its own branded magnetic jars that stick into place thanks to, well, science. Each one has sonic welding around the viewing lenses, which creates an air-tight seal.

The brand describes the whole kit as “like a liquor cabinet but for people who enjoy other fine things” and we have to agree. There’s also a magnetic lighter case, which is sold separately.

Get it on GetMyster.com

RAW Cache Box

(Courtesy of RAW)

RAW is an OG weed brand and so naturally they have some solid stash box options. The Cache comes with a wood box that has smooth, rounded corners and a magnetic metal lid that holds everything in place.

This stash box plays double duty as the lid is made from one of RAW’s signature rolling trays. The exterior is decorated with the classic RAW branding and comes in two sizes—regular and mini—depending on how much gear you have to store.

Get it on Rawthentic.com

Safe Locker 420

(Courtesy of Safe Locker 420)

This discreet smell-proof stash box is a sturdy option that is crafted in the USA and made from crush-resistant plastic. It comes in a few colours, including avocado green, red and black.

The case is also water- and air-tight, which prevents any skunky odours from leaking out. It has an elastomer seal and can stay submerged in one metre of water for up to 30 minutes without letting in any wetness.

The interior of the box has padded rubber liners, which protect the three air-tight amber-tinted glass jars that come with it. There’s a built-in lock system with a key to keep things locked up and safely stored when you’re not around.

Get it on Amazon.com

Blackbox Goods Stash Box

(Courtesy of Blackbox Goods)

Consider this option the Fort Knox of stash boxes. Blackbox Goods prides itself on being 100% smell proof in addition to having an “insanely durable” exterior thanks to its Ballistic Shell.

It’s also waterproof and shock resistant, so whatever you store inside will be safe should it be involved in some kind of unfortunate accident. Each one comes equipped with a heavy-duty lock system as well as a lifetime warranty, so it’s hard to go wrong with this stash box.

Get it on BlackboxGoods.com

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