Leafly holiday gift guide 2022: Weed gifts for everyone

Published on November 18, 2021 · Last updated December 15, 2022
holiday gift guide weed 2022
(Michelle Noelke/Leafly)

The 2022 holiday season is here, and we’ve got the weed gifts you’ve been searching for all year.

Pour a warm drink and get cozy. Our 2022 holiday gift guide is here! This year, many of us finally returned to passing joints, blunts, and bowls around with our favorite people, talking about all the changes we’ve experienced or dreams we now want to pursue. 

No matter how introverted or extroverted your cannabis-loving friends and family are, there’s a high chance you’d like to give them a weed-related gift this holiday season. Lucky for you, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. 

Whether the recipient likes practical accessories, stylish smokeware, intriguing books, or impeccable designs, you can choose from more than 30 weed gifts starting at $5.95. 

Our guide is organized by price, so you can easily pick gifts that meet your budget. And, it includes gifts for every kind of weed lover in your life, regardless of gender, culture, or creed. 

Why? Because weed is made for bringing us all together, and that’s the true spirit of the holidays. So prepare to ponder on these thoughtful stoner gifts. Enjoy yourself and take a happy holiday scroll through our curated list.

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Weed gifts from $5-20

Stocking stuffers and stand-alone weed gifts for neighbors, colleagues, and cousins. 


OG Hit Kit


(OH Hit Kit/Leafly)

We begin with an Etsy gem, the OG Hit Kit. This double joint and lighter holder suits anyone who likes to keep a couple of joints on their person to make it through the day, or goes out a lot and wants to stay prepared. 

‘Feminist Weed Farmer: Growing Mindful Medicine in Your Own Backyard’


(Madrone Stewart/Leafly)

Author Madrone Stewart shares her knowledge as a grower and a believer in empowerment and diversity in Feminist Weed Farmer: Growing Mindful Medicine in Your Own Backyard.

Buy this for the person in your life who is passionate about equalizing the weed industry and watching fairness flourish.

Canna Style rose joint and blunt holder


(Canna Style/Leafly)

Think of the most elegant stoner you know. Do they have one of these? The Canna Style rose joint and blunt holder is a cute gift for your eccentric friend who talks with their hands or the one who is always making sure not to mess up their manicure. 

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Zig Zag rose cones


(Zig Zag/Leafly)

Do you have someone in your life who has a flair for romance, loves flowers, or likes to smoke a joint during a long bubble bath? Give them the gift of Zig Zag rose cones, complete with eight cones per tube. These cones provide a little bit of fantasy and a lot of luxe to any smoking experience. 

‘How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs’


(Noah Rubin/Leafly)

How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs is a compact, yet helpful book that anyone who loves weed would love to have for themselves as a guide or coffee table book.

Learn everything you need to know about rolling up with a variety of materials and engage with author Noah Rubin’s sharp perspectives on culture, rolling up in countries outside the US, and other fun and creative (but not corny) topics.

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‘Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World’


(Cheri Smith/Leafly)

Whether your loved one likes art, shrooms, or sensory illusions, Magic Eye: A New Way of Looking at the World by Cheri Smith makes for a lovely gift and is a coffee table fixture.

Provide a cannabis or psychedelics lover who relishes heightened sensory experiences with some optical entertainment. Who wouldn’t want to escape into some 3D art on a lazy Sunday while listening to a vintage record? 

Mini torch lighters



If there is one thing that every joint or blunt smoker needs when they leave the house, it’s a mini torch lighter.

Sure, a regular lighter might help them out, but the windproof flame of a mini-torch ensures that they’ll always have a lighter that’s powerful enough to light their pre-roll.

Whether it’s raining, snowy, or straight-up windy, your friend or family member can spark up and get on with their day with these sleek, affordable lighters. If you don’t want to give them both away, you can keep one to provide yourself with the same weather-proof benefits. 

Cannabolish lavender toke & travel bundle



Scent management is important to many weed lovers, and Cannabolish makes a delightful, lavender-scented bundle that you can give your friends or family who enjoy calming, therapeutic scents.

This bundle includes a special odor-removing candle and a 2 oz. travel spray for indoor smoking pursuits. Cannabolish also sells products featuring a Wintergreen fragrance

The Weed Gummies Cookbook


(Monica Lo/Leafly)

Chef Monica Lo shares everything she knows about making gummies in her 2022 release, TheWeed Gummies Cookbook.

By gifting this colorful and informative book, you can help your loved one who is always buying gummies make their own instead. This is also an optimal gift for your friend or family member with a passion for being in the kitchen. 

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Weed gifts from $21-50

Check out these weed gifts that cost less than $50 and garner priceless grins. 


Dip Devices Little Dipper dab straw vaporizer


(Dip Devices/Leafly)

Nothing says “I love you” like helping your favorite concentrate lover slurp terps wherever they go. The Litte Dipper dab straw vaporizer is compact and portable with a long battery life and can help you keep your gifting budget intact with a price tag right under $30. 

Choose from a yellow, black, or blue device for yourself or your friend who loves dabs. 

Snow Tree’s Boro Buddy


(Snow Tree//Leafly)

It almost sounds too good to be true, but fear not! Snow Tree’s Boro Buddy is a fun and easy way to keep your bong clean! The Boro Body uses the power of magnets to keep your large glass pieces clean. Think about it as a gift for anyone who frequently uses their bong or rig. 

Bowlz v3 Black Mamba



With both a 14 mm and 18 mm option to choose from, the Bowlz v3 magnetic bowl is the gift that will make life easier for many of your favorite stoners. The bowl is durable, easy to ash, and comes in four different colors, including Black Mamba, Slime Green, Pink Panther, Fire OG, and Blue Berry.

It’s another great gift for bong lovers, taking their accessories collection to the next level. 

Brothers Broadleaf authentic Nicaraguan rolling leaves


(Brothers Broadleaf/Leafly)

Is there a blunt smoker in your life who you particularly fancy?

Let them know you care with this box of Nicaraguan rolling leaves from Brothers Broadleaf. Choose from light, medium, or dark leaves for your roller-in-chief and supply them with eight five-packs, or split up the box to give to multiple friends.

The PuffCo hot knife



Another option for your dab-loving cousin or sibling? The PuffCo hot knife! The ceramic tip of this hot knife makes loading concentrates so much easier than using an unheated dab tool.

Instead of trying to scrape and save tasty concentrates, they can use the PuffCo hot knife to deposit all of the concentrate right where it needs to go. The battery lasts at least 50 uses, and it comes in four different colors, including the gold featured here. 

An eighth of weed

~$50(depending on location)


The gift of weed is always a winning idea, no matter the gift receiver’s sense of style or favorite way of consuming cannabis.

Play curator by selecting a strain that you think they will like or purchase an eighth of their favorite. Whether they use it to bake, smoke, or keep as a special treat, they will appreciate you buying them the good stuff. 

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Weed gifts for $51-100


Give your favorite weed enthusiasts a gift that will enhance their experience or aesthetic. 

420 Science Grab and Go Pack


(420 Science/Leafly)

Looking for a weed gift for your friend who loves taking road trips? What about the one who wants to try out a consumption lounge?

The 420 Science Grab and Go Pack features a GRAV mini spoon, a small grinder, a screw-top jar, and 4-pack of Caldwell’s disposable one-hitters in a convenient 6 in x 6 in smell-proof pouch. It’s everything they need to feel prepared for their next adventure!

House of Puff hemp wick holder and ashtray


(House of Puff/Leafly)

Is it an ashtray or a cute little macaron? House of Puff’s hemp wick holder and ashtray is a colorful and health-conscious gift for the regularly smoking cutie in your life. The handy hemp wick holder encourages them to choose the chemical-free wick over a lighter, and also provides a place to rest or ash their joint.

Get it in Gentileschi Green, Adela Lavender, O’Keeffe Camellia pink, Mickalene Marigold, Birgit Blue, and Van der Beek Violet.

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Art of Smoke Sea Urchin bubbler


(Art of Smoke/Leafly)

For the budding smokeware collector in your inner circle, try the Sea Urchin bubbler from Art of Smoke.

This six-inch bubbler has a built-in bowl and a beautiful sea-and nature-inspired look on the outside. It’s always nice to have at least one piece of smokeware that can hide the residue of an arduous day of toking—as long as they commit to cleaning it eventually.

Marley Natural crystal ashtray


(Marley Natural/Leafly)

Got a friend who personifies class in a glass? Think about giving them the Marley Natural crystal ashtray, a gorgeous and functional gift that anyone should be proud to have on their table, whether solo or hosting a sesh.

Complete with a raised metal poker to help you clean out your bowl, the three-piece ashtray with just a hint of wood is a tasteful choice for even your swankiest, stoniest loved one. 

Vessel Helix



Vessel is known for its sleek smoking technology and accessories, and it delivers something exciting with the Vessel Helix. The Helix is made out of sturdy brass and uses an internal double helix (get it?) to give the smoker a sensationally smooth hit. And it keeps the flower at the tip warm and ready for the next puff without burning through too quickly. 

Give it to the sleek smoker in your life, like your cool uncle, or your friend who needs an upgrade from that wack chillum that always has you choking on ash. Get it in Gunmetal, Maritime, Rose Gold, or Black. 

Cubbi stash box with rolling tray



Do you have a tidy weed smoker on your list this year? Or, conversely, someone who needs to tidy up their smoking zone? The Cubbi stash box is a thoughtful choice for both. This sleek storage solution comes with its own rolling tray lid, has an airtight chamber for flower, dedicated space for lighters, and even more storage room in the center.

The Cubbi looks good anywhere its future owner wants to keep it, whether tucked away or sitting on the table.

Flower Mill 


(Flower Mill/Leafly)

For your favorite co-worker or sibling who truly cherishes the quality of their flower, consider the Flower Mill. Instead of operating with teeth, this grinder encourages the flower to separate at its own natural boundaries.

Flower Mill states that this separation method results in “naturally soft and fluffy herb,” and it will save your fav stoner a lot of time unclogging sticky-icky from the teeth of their grinder.

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Deluxe ceramic DIY clay kit


(Pottery with a Purpose/Leafly)

This is perfect for the stoner who loves creating, doing DIY projects, making art, or working on crafts. Give that special creative person this deluxe ceramic DIY clay kit from Pottery with a Purpose and provide them with everything they need to make their own pottery at home.

This gift is a fun way to encourage the artist in your life to keep the creative juices flowing and gives them hours of entertainment.

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Weed gifts for $101-250


Searching for a gift that shows a little extra love? Consider these for your partner, parents, soulmate, or best friend. 

Pürr corn cob sherlock glass bubbler water pipe



I stand firmly by the fact that a bubbler is one of the nicest presents you could ever bestow on someone. Upgrade someone special’s smokeware with the Pürr corn cob sherlock glass bubbler water pipe. The name may be long, but the purpose is clear.

You want to give your loved one a respectable piece of glassware that helps them float away on water-filtered puffs of their favorite plant. This seven-inch tall borosilicate bubbler has a deep bowl and a showerhead downstem that they will absolutely love. 

Yew Yew Sunset bong


(Yew Yew/Leafly)

Talk about an “it””girl of a bong. The Yew Yew Sunset is as much of a bong as it is a piece of art that goes with your sister’s or best friend’s stylish aesthetic.

In colors like teal, amber, lilac, mint green, pink, and even cow print, you can find one that matches whatever aesthetic sis has going on. An added bonus? You will get to smoke out of it whenever you go over to her place. 

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Dr. Dabber XS


(Dr. Dabber/Leafly)

The Dr. Dabber XS e-rig is an incredible option for your dab-loving loved one. Coming in at an excellent price point for an e-rig, the Dr. Dabber XS mini-dab rig can upgrade your favorite dabber’s setup from sticky and cumbersome to consistent and flavorful.

This compact device can go 35 cycles before needing a charge and will heat concentrates from 475 to 675 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jungmaven hemp bed sheets



Raise your hand if you know someone who is passionate about all types of cannabis, including hemp. Well, we’ve got the perfect cozy, hemp-based gift for them!

Known for being soft, breathable, and more luxurious with time, these 100% hemp weave sheets from Jungmaven are a gift that someone special in your life can enjoy for years to come.

As we all know, hemp is a form of cannabis, and hemp sheets are a cool way to integrate more of the plant into anyone’s lifestyle from siblings to partners to parents—or even extended family.

Rogue Paq Poppy party ashtray 


(Rogue Paq/Leafly)

We’ve officially passed the $200 mark, which means that the rest of our gifts mean you think quite highly about someone. Good for you! 

Have you considered giving them flowers? Specifically, the Poppy party ashtray from Rogue Paq. This resplendent ashtray is for the person who frequently hosts you and others for a sesh.

Why? Because each of the five exquisite petals and stamen detaches to give guests their own personal ashtray and smoking tool. This functional and beautiful piece will become central to future gatherings, not to mention it looks gorgeous anywhere. 




The Lokkboxx is a Leafly staff favorite that’s described as “good to hold and to touch.” Now imagine giving it to someone that you think is good to hold and to touch… or maybe just a close friend with excellent taste.

Cuddles aside, the Lokkboxx will help your friend maintain the humidity levels around multiple strains of weed in their stash.

Whether the intended recipient has killer contemporary style or is a cannabis connoisseur who loves experiencing weed at its peak freshness, the Lokkboxx is the gift for them. 

PAX 3 Complete Kit



The dual-use PAX 3 is our next gift suggestion, and that’s because it makes a wonderful companion for your on-the-go friend who loves to mix it up between flower and concentrates.

With a 10-year warranty, you can feel good about giving your loved one a gift that will be by their side, no matter what life throws their way. The PAX 3 heats up in 20 seconds, and when you purchase the complete kit bundle, you’ll get all the tools necessary to switch between dabs and herb.

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Weed gifts $251 and above 


Nothing can stop you from showing your favorite weed lover how much they mean to you. If you’ve decided to dig deep into your pockets, consider the special products and brands below.

Focus V – Carta 2


(Focus V/Leafly)

Surprise your sweetie with the Focus V Carta 2 dab rig, and get ready to hear them shout with joy. This mighty machine features an OLED screen display that shows the temperature setting, warming speed, heating time, battery life, Bluetooth connection, and more.

It has colorful lights throughout, giving your dabber a vibrant light show while they hit their new high-tech smart rig. 

Houseplant green marble super set bundle



Houseplant is the buzzy brand helmed by the creative and hilarious Seth Rogen. Houseplant’s green marble super set is a high-end gift that you can give to someone you think of as utterly unique.

The two-piece set features Houseplant’s ridge ashtray and car lighter, both crafted from stunning polished green marble. Give this smoking set to someone you plan on liking for a long time, because it’s sure to be in style for decades to come. 

Stündenglass Kompact



Do you know someone who loves weed and is always ready to turn the party up another notch? The Stündenglass Kompact is the ideal gift to help fuel their life-of-the-party energy.

Stündenglass takes the gravity bong to another level with its Kompact gravity infuser that provides one or multiple users with a uniquely engaging smoking experience.

The Kompact comes in its own carry case and gives everyone at the party a chance to enjoy consumption without contact—keeping the fun in function and giving a nod to safe smoking practices, too.

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Mary Model Z



If you know an aspiring grower, we just have one last gift that you may want to consider: the Mary Model Z. This impressive, wi-fi enabled grow box gives the grower the ability to monitor and optimize growing conditions from the Mary AG app. It comes with a carbon odor filter and integrates information from one grow to the next to help create the best growing environment possible.

Sure they could put it in their closet and grow discreetly, but they could also feel proud to have this grow box in their living room or den. If you are searching for a grow set-up for less than $500, find out more here.

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Happy holidays from Leafly. Check out Leafly’s 2021 holiday gift guide for more great gift ideas.

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