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The top 6 CBD oils and tinctures of 2024

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Presented ByProduct PicksPublished on December 2, 2019 · Last updated June 4, 2024

The greatest tinctures, solutions, and oils to enhance relief and encourage wellness. These recommendations on the top CBD oils are made by Leafly’s Product Picks team after extensive research, internal debate, and expert consultation. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission.

The era of CBD has only just begun. Scientists and consumers alike have fallen in love with CBD, and we’re only starting to understand all the benefits of the non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD can help relieve stress, pain, and anxiety, as well as help encourage general wellness, offering a more balanced, fulfilling life. Millions of people all across the globe have had their lives changed by adopting a CBD regimen, and just as many brands have sprung up in order to market to them. 

A quick look at the top CBD oils and tinctures

Best value: Medterra Daily Relief Oil Tincture

Best quality: BATCH Gold Reserve Blend

Best full spectrum: Cornbread Hemp Whole Flower USDA Organic CBDA Oil

Best for wellness: Vena Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Best for pain relief: Papa & Barkley Hemp Releaf Drops

Best high-THC option: Apollo CBD+THC Tincture

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill sounded the metaphorical starting gun, there has been a truly massive amount of CBD brands springing up, offering all sorts of CBD products in different configurations. One of the most popular ways among both CBD newbies and experienced consumers to get the CBD they need is CBD oils. Easily dosable, portable, and potent CBD oils have a huge array of potential benefits for people who suffer from many common ailments. 

But where do you start? Never fear, because we hear at Leafly Product Picks have done the grunt work. We’ve tracked down the best of the best CBD oils available this side of the Atlantic, and we’ve assembled them here for you. Read on to find our picks for the best CBD oils of 2024!

Best value: Medterra Daily Relief Oil Tincture

• Highly affordable
• Flavorless to complement a variety of uses
• Available in multiple sizes

Medterra has been delivering quality hemp-derived CBD and THC products to Americans in need of relief since they burst onto the scene in 2017. In that short time, they have proven themselves to be one of the most innovative companies in the game, launching all sorts of exciting new products featuring rare cannabinoids and new consumption methods. They’ve also done quite a bit of business wizardry behind the curtain. Their vertically integrated operation allows Medterra to produce high-quality CBD at an industrial scale, and they are more than happy to pass those savings on to consumers.

best CBD oils

Daily Relief Oil Tincture

Recommended product

A tincture of Medterra’s 99% pure CBD isolate and organic MCT oil, this solution could be your solution to a lack of wellness in your life. In addition to aiding your sense of well-being, we here at Leafly Product Picks found Medterra’s Daily Relief Oil Tincture helped remedy insomnia, anxiety, and a variety of other daily troubles caused by modern daily life. Available in a variety of sizes and potencies, Medterra’s tincture is completely flavorless, making it an ideal companion to any beverage. Order today and start saving while you relax, and check out Medterra’s subscription service to take even more stress off your mind.

Although Medterra will be easier on your wallet than many other competitors, that doesn’t mean you’ll be trading in quality. Medterra’s products consistently stack up to their more expensive counterparts, and they taste great to boot. When you incorporate Medterra products into your health and wellness routine, you may discover that you’ve made your financial health a bit more robust as well.

“Top-shelf quality at bargain prices; Medterra is excellent for your mind, body, and bottom line.”

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Best quality: BATCH Gold Reserve Blend

• Highly potent formula
• Beautifully packaged
• Brand is dedicated to product efficacy

The pride of Wisconsin, BATCH makes CBD products for a little-served segment of the market: real connoisseurs. If you love CBD and have watched the industry develop over the years, you may struggle to find products with the potency, quality, and transparency of process that you want. If that sounds like you, then friend, welcome to the club, and meet your new best friend BATCH.

best CBD oils

Gold Reserve Blend

Recommended product

CBD gets the VIP treatment. BATCH’s Gold Reserve Blend lives up to its name. With a massive 4000mg of CBD and an additional 2000mg of CBG per 1oz bottle, this stuff is absolutely no joke. A subtle, elegant terpene profile consisting of limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene gives BATCH’s blend just enough citrus flavor to announce its presence without overwhelming any companions you pair it with. Our team was charmed by the very high potency, the sleek presentation, and BATCH’s unwavering dedication to efficacy above all else. CBD lovers, our day has come.

BATCH approaches CBD with a measured, scientific approach motivated primarily by efficacy and not vibes. If a product has the BATCH seal of approval, you know that it was specially formulated, produced, refined, and tested by a crew of professionals motivated by producing genuine-article CBD products in an industry where there are some shady snake oil peddlers about. BATCH is out here raising the game for everyone, improving the reputation of the industry as a whole, and delivering relief to consumers in style.

“BATCH gives CBD the first-class treatment. If you’ve got a taste for the finer things, like we do, then BATCH may be calling your name.”

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Best full spectrum: Cornbread Hemp Whole Flower USDA Organic CBDA Oil

• Whole flower only
• USDA organic
• Uses only high-quality, Kentucky-grown hemp

Cornbread Hemp hails from Kentucky, where hemp roots run deep. The area is home to the famous Bluegrass Basin, which holds some of the greatest growing soil on the planet, as well as a world-famous music scene that shares its name. This atmosphere of authenticity, sincerity, and respect for the land is where Cornbread Hemp was born and raised, and they carry these values forward today.

best CBD oils

Whole Flower USDA Organic CBDA Oil

Recommended product

Hemp oil, straight up. Packed with either 750mg or 1500mg of cold-harvested CBDA, the all-natural precursor to CBD, Cornbread Hemp’s Whole Flower CBDA Oil is sourced using USDA Organic certified hemp, grown in rich Kentucky soil. The experts still haven’t unlocked all of CBDA’s secrets yet, but early results point to CBDA being an excellent way to soothe muscle aches and inflammation.

Not only does Cornbread source their CBDA from some of the best of the best hemp, but they only use the flowers of that hemp, never stems or seeds. That means Cornbread’s oil is of a purity and potency that is near impossible to beat. If you, like our writers, love that earthy, organic hemp flavor and don’t want it hidden under any artificial flavorings, then you’ve got a kindred spirit in Kentucky. Order your CBDA oil today and get the best of the Bluegrass Basin delivered directly to your door.

“Cornbread gets top marks for keeping it real. Their products are so authentically Kentucky that you can hear the banjos when you crack the seal.”

Cornbread loves hemp, and there’s no two ways about it. They don’t view hemp as a convenient substitute for cannabis, but as an honored plant with a history and beauty all its own. They apply this ethos of respect to every step of their growing, harvesting, and extracting processes. They take great care in preserving the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids as they extract their premium hemp into oils, gummies, and creams. 

If you care about hemp as much as we do and don’t mind the trace amount of THC in full-spectrum products, then you deserve a bit of Southern comfort courtesy of Cornbread. Honey, butter, and jam are not included.

Best for wellness: Vena Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

• Mint and citrus flavor options
• Easy dosing
• Great value for quality

Vena believes that everyone could be a little more well, a little more in touch with our bodies, and maybe a little happier. Named for the largest veins in the body, Vena promotes balance, health, and cleansing. Their hemp and CBD products are intended to be placed within a greater wellness routine that focuses on the consumer’s unique needs. Each one of us is an individual with individual wellness needs, and Vena not only deeply understands this concept, they seek to make us all more in touch with those very needs.

best CBD oils

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

Recommended product

The cornerstone of countless daily wellness regimens, Vena’s Full Spectrum CBD tincture is a great place to start a journey to increase your sense of ease and balance. Available in mint or citrus flavors and easily dosable, Vena’s full spectrum tincture gives you the best of the hemp plant while not breaking the bank. Vena recommends a single milliliter a day for a week to get a better sense of the amount that’s right for your wellness needs, then adjusting up or down from there. Vena is also generous enough to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no reason to wait.

Vena prizes customer loyalty as the ultimate metric of success, and they seek to inspire this loyalty by not only providing top-quality, affordable products, but also by educating consumers on what CBD can do for them. This mission really resonates with us here at Leafly Product Picks, a group of fellow hemp and cannabis nerds—just another reason why Vena has earned their spot on this list. Get started with a CBD wellness routine from Vena, and discover just how good wellness feels.

“Vena gets our blood pumping! The added boost to our sense of well-being offered by the team at Vena is greatly appreciated by this crew of professional potheads.”

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Best for pain relief: Papa & Barkley Hemp Releaf Drops

• Solventless extraction
• Potent formula
• Vegan

Papa & Barkley have that old-time feel, which is truly remarkable for a corporation focusing on solventless CBD, a product young enough to get kicked out of most movies. They make sure to do things the right way, the way that our ancestors would have extracted CBD, if they only had the pleasure. 

Hemp Releaf Drops

Recommended product

Papa & Barkley began in a family kitchen, with a son trying to develop a way to relieve some of his father’s back pain. His efforts resulted in the “Releaf” blend, which helped his father move again and enjoy time with his faithful dog, Barkley. This labor of love forms the emotional and scientific basis of all Papa & Barkley products, and that original blend still informs the recipe for their Hemp Releaf Drops. These drops are easily dosable, potent, and flavored with a delicious, vegan lemongrass ginger flavor. If you use CBD for pain relief, then you owe it to yourself to give these drops a try. After all, it was good enough for Papa.

Papa & Barkey set themselves apart from the rest of the pack by never using chemical solvents, like butane, to extract CBD from hemp. This means that their extract will retain natural elements inherent in the hemp plant, including a faint green color from chlorophyll. This connection to the plant is essential for any successful CBD enterprise, and our writers could tell immediately that they, like us, truly appreciate what hemp can do. They haven’t so much as extracted their CBD as unleashed it—so it can reach its full potential helping you fight stress, pain, inflammation, and more. Take it from us; Papa & Barkley are the real deal.

“We can feel the love from Papa & Barkley. With an aww-worthy origin story and CBD that stands up to the toughest aches and pains, Papa & Barkley are quickly becoming top dogs.”

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Best high-THC option: Apollo CBD+THC Tincture

• Includes significant delta-9 THC
• Fresh citrus flavor
• Innovative brand

The famous images of the Moon Landing inspired Apollo in more ways than one. Of course, their sharp branding evokes Neil, Buzz, and everyone else who made the Apollo missions a success, but they also take their cues from the inquisitive, fearless attitude that made the moonshot reality. They’re out to explore everything hemp has to offer and raise the industry up to new heights while they’re doing it.

CBD+THC Tincture

Recommended product

The list of beneficial things CBD can do for you is as long as our tallest writer’s arm, but the one thing CBD absolutely won’t do is get you high. However, if the prospect of a little something extra to help take the edge off in your regular CBD regimen sounds like just your speed, then Apollo’s CBD+THC is for you. This is a formidably potent tincture, with 5000mg of CBD and 60mg of hemp-derived THC in every bottle, enough to help you relax and experience a significant buzz. Apollo’s tincture is easy to dose, making for a perfectly customizable CBD+THC experience that helps our writers relieve both pain and stress. We also found that the fresh citrus flavor helped the tincture go down easily, and even mixed well into other beverages. If you’re curious, all it takes is one small step to journey with Apollo.

Apollo isn’t afraid of the intoxicating side of hemp, and they are eager to provide relief to consumers through high-quality, hemp-derived THC, THCA, and HHC products. Apollo also maintains some of the strictest safety standards in the industry, another place where they take their inspiration from Cape Canaveral. If you’re looking for hemp to help you break the atmosphere and gain a new perspective, then Apollo has just the fuel you need to reach escape velocity. 

“We love Apollo when we’re trying to blast off, but their lineup is also all-time at helping us calm down and return to earth after a long day.”

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Final thoughts

And there you have it; the very best CBD oil to be found in 2024. Any of these products will help you develop the health and wellness routine that makes you feel your absolute best. Any of these brands also have a wide variety of other hemp and CBD products to take your regimen to the next level. If you love this list, you can also find more of our roundups and recommendations here on Leafly. Be well!

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