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dosist™ 2.0: the Canadian debut of the dose pen

Presented BydosistPublished on April 24, 2020 · Last updated July 28, 2020

We’re no stranger to the wellness craze – a $4.2 trillion-dollar industry that’s everywhere around us, making everything from kale to collagen promise to quell our woes and change our lives. Though included in said industry, the cannabis-for-wellness movement is backed by medicinal research. And it’s here to stay.

With the introduction of cannabis 2.0 products in Canada came California-based wellness brand, dosist. So far, the brand has gained a cult-like following comprised of canna-connoisseurs and early adopters on the hunt for a modern-day wellness tool and they want to make sure all of North America learns their way of doing things.

Founded in 2016, dosist sought to fill a gap in the industry with medical-grade dose-controlled cannabis therapy, offering a regulated and consistent experience to its users. The company’s CEO, Gunner Winston, believes that the uniquely curated cannabinoid and terpene profiles benefit the human body by helping to manage sleep, stress, anxiety, and pain relief when consumed the right way.

Hint: it’s not a Friday night communal bong session.

Your daily dose from dosist™

The dose pen initially put the brand on the map for its sleek, technologically advanced, and compact design. But with vape pens popping up everywhere, you might be wondering how it differs from the next?

Its unique features control airflow and heating by not only delivering a safer pull, but one that’s consistent each and every time. A complete pull lasts three seconds and alerts the user with slight vibration that the 2.25mg dosage is complete, allowing for better user-control. The targeted formulas are available in two sizes: 50 or 200 doses.

All of dosist’s products undergo an extensive 4-stage testing process that involves both consumer and lab testing throughout production, ensuring they’re compliant with their strict standards. dosist tests their final formulas for cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, microbiological and residual solvents, and you can check out the individual results of each batch by entering in your dosist pen’s batch number on the company’s website.

As for cutting agents that could potentially put you at risk? They’re nowhere in sight. Only distilled cannabis oil and plant-derived terpenes here.

What are the real benefits? 

Named after their inherent function and labeled simply on the body, the dosist pens are easy to select from.


The best-selling formula is bliss (9:1 ratio of THC to CBD), a euphoric formula to help you feel just the right amount of good, naturally.


The rest formula (8:1 ratio of THC to CBD) is a relaxing formula intended to help deliver a dose of goodnight.


The calm formula is one of the only CBD dominant pens on the Canadian market (10:1 ratio of CBD to THC) and is designed to help relax your mind and body, with little to no intoxicating effects.


Soothe (2:1 ratio of THC to CBD) is a balanced formula designed to ease aches and pains.

arouse and passion

arouse (11:1 THC to CBD) and passion (12:1 THC to CBD) pens are high THC formulas designed to awaken your senses, unlock creativity, and stimulate your mind.

Altogether, the six targeted formulas offer dual-action properties to not only make you feel good, but to empower you to naturally manage health and happiness. And soon, the brand plans to introduce more of their IRL “Wellness Experiences”, such as their Canadian pop-up and Californian cannabis boutique in the future.

Although at it’s heart dosist is a health and wellness brand, they’re perfect for the seasoned recreational user looking to take their cannabis experience up a notch. Whether dosing before a morning yoga class or binging all seasons of The Office (again,) they’ve simplified the act of elevating and alleviating at the same time.

dosist, welcome to the North. Find them wherever cannabis 2.0 products are sold near you.

Presented Bydosist
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