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How Pure Sunfarms is bringing iconic BC bud into a new era

Pure Sunfarms
Presented ByPure SunfarmsPublished on June 18, 2021 · Last updated February 23, 2023
Pure Sunfarms
There are risks associated with cannabis use. For information, search online "Health Canada - cannabis health effects." Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms.

You’ve heard of BC bud. Now get ready for its next chapter.

British Columbia has been synonymous with good flower for decades, not just in North America, but abroad. Part of that is the environment: The beautiful province is abundant with rich soil, ample sunshine, nourishing rainfall, and hilly topography, making it an ideal environment for growing cannabis. The chill vibes of the West Coast and its abundance of weed lovers also kept BC’s farms alive and thriving.

But more than anything, it’s the growers themselves that have built this reputation. Before legalization, this deep and collaborative cannabis culture built a wealth of knowledge and unique genetics that are now recognized around the world. It’s this lineage that drives the team at Pure Sunfarms, a BC cannabis farm set in the beautiful Fraser Valley that blends traditional greenhouse expertise with the hands-on knowledge from legacy growers.

The cannabis market has changed dramatically since Canada legalized recreational cannabis, but the future of cannabis in British Columbia remains bright. Coming out of the shadows just means the region’s growing community can lean into the richness of the provenance and creatively innovate even further.

Those same growers who built BC bud’s reputation are still making it happen at Pure Sunfarms. Driven by a love of plants, the team uses the newfound freedom of legalization to build on that provenance. Pure Sunfarms combines deeply rooted cannabis expertise and modern agricultural techniques to craft pure, quality BC grown cannabis.

Flower with deep roots

Fan favourites from Pure Sunfarms are popular for a reason: They’re descended from the flower that made BC famous and cultivated by farmers that grew that flower in the first place. These strains and the stories behind their cultivation are squarely rooted in the legendary legacy of BC bud, so it’s no wonder why they’re some of the top-selling dried flower strains in Canada.

Pure Sunfarms
Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

Pink Kush

Pure Sunfarms’ Pink Kush descends from legacy bud grown on Vancouver Island. We know it’s a relative of the legendary OG Kush, but like many strains developed during cannabis prohibition, its exact origins are a little hazy.

It’s been hugely popular on the West Coast of Canada for years, and odds are high that if you’ve been smoking weed for a while, you’ve tried it. It is, after all, currently the most purchased strain in all of Canada. It’s a colourful strain, combining forest green and purple leaves with amber pistils. You might recognize it from its loud, gassy fragrance full of pepper, citrus, and earth.

Pure Sunfarms
Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

D. Bubba

Also known as Death Bubba, D. Bubba is a well-known strain in BC descended from the legacy market in the Fraser Valley. The pungent strain was created in 2012 as a cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush. Pure Sunfarms still grows it in the Fraser Valley, but in a modern greenhouse to better cultivate its dense, dark green leaves hidden under a thick layer of trichomes. Expect to smell and taste spicy earth, gassy hops, and creamy coffee.

Pure Sunfarms
Courtesy of Pure Sunfarms

White Rhino

This classic BC strain was cultivated in the Gulf Islands before charging across Canada—it’s now a popular strain in BC and Ontario alike. It’s descended from the iconic White Widow strain and is both potent and intensely flavourful, with notes of blueberries & mango. Vivid hues from lime to sea green hide under fluffy trichomes.

Ready to experience the legend of BC bud and try these iconic cultivars yourself? You can find these strains and many more from Pure Sunfarms on Leafly

Visit Pure Sunfarms online to learn more about their products and get updates straight from their greenhouse.

Pure Sunfarms
Presented ByPure Sunfarms
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