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Product Review: Zkittlez by Redwood Roots

Zkittlez at a Glance

ManufacturerRedwood Roots/Formidable Flowers

Product: 0.5g Zkittlez Pre-Roll

THC content: 21.82%

Lab testing by: SC Labs

Available in: California

Initial Impressions

For me, one of the coolest parts of being an adult is being able to hot box my car in the parking lot of a movie theater before going to see a Disney movie with my best friend. So that’s exactly what we did the night we went to see Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to bring a strain that would make me feel relaxed without causing drowsiness and allow me to fully appreciate the film’s stunning visuals.

Zkittlez delivered on all counts.

Aroma: This pre-roll smells delicious. When you open the container you get a strong fruity (slightly berry-like) scent and it was definitely worth a second sniff. I handed it to my friend and she smelled it like a fine cigar. Her verdict: “Yum!” It reminded me of what a pre-roll might smell like if you actually left it in a jar of Skittles for a couple hours — not overwhelmingly strong but definitely reminiscent of fruity candy.

Flavor: Grape was the first and most prominent flavor I noticed. There were some fruity notes on the back end and the hit was incredibly smooth, leading to minimal coughing and a pleasant, vaguely citrusy aftertaste.

Effects: Definitely a full body high. The theater had reclining leather seats and as I felt my legs being lifted off the ground, I sank into the chair like it was a big fluffy cloud. I could feel a soothing warmth wash over me as every muscle in my body relaxed into deep comfort. The cerebral effects were definitely a more vivid appreciation of color and beauty, which was great because the movie’s visual effects were spectacular. The surround sound in the theater just added to the immersive experience and I felt extra appreciative of all of the subtle details and nuances that the filmmakers included.

I didn’t find myself getting the munchies; in fact, I didn’t get up the entire time the film was playing and we stayed to the end of the credits.

Our Verdict

The Zkittlez preroll was the perfect addition to a night at the movie theater. I felt euphoric and giggly, but decidedly able to pay attention to the plot and notice some of the delightful nuances that Disney added to their live-action retelling of the classic story.

Because I have a fairly high tolerance, even at 21% THC this pre-roll couldn’t get me through the entire movie. Luckily, it got me to the place I most wanted to see through a cannabinoid enhanced lens — the Be Our Guest scene. It was everything that I could have hoped for and more. Beautiful colors, flashing lights, dancing cutlery, flying dishes. It was all there and all dazzling when paired with Zkittlez. I dream of one day attending a cannabis-friendly movie theater that pairs strains with various parts of the movie, like a multi-course meal. In the meantime, I’d definitely recommend this Zkittlez preroll to anyone who wants to make life look a little more beautiful.

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Ashley Manta

Ashley is a writer, feminist, and sexuality educator. She is a contributing writer for Leafly.

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