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Paul McCartney Replacing Cannabis with Alcohol to “Set an Example” for His Grandkids

Sir Paul McCartney recently told The Daily Mirror that he quit using cannabis to "set an example" for his grandchildren and will now instead have a glass of wine or a "nice margarita."

The Medical Minute: Women are Using Cannabis a Little More, but Drinking a Lot More

Between 2005 and 2012, binge drinking rates among women climbed 17.5%. That’s the estimate researchers arrived at after reviewing a decade’s worth of data.

Massachusetts District Attorney Would Rather Decriminalize Alcohol Possession by Minors Than Loosen Cannabis Restrictions for Adults

Although Massachusetts has decriminalized cannabis and legalized medical marijuana, many of its district attorneys don't agree with with the state's cannabis laws.

Powdered Alcohol: A New Product That’s Both Raising Concerns and Potentially Influencing the Future of Cannabis

If technology can be used to absorb alcohol into a concentrated powder form, who’s to say it couldn’t do the same for cannabis and be used by medical marijuana patients?

Cannabis Is Exactly 114 Times Less Toxic Than Alcohol

New research published in Scientific Reports rated recreational drugs according to their toxicity, and none of us blinked an eye when we saw cannabis sitting at the very bottom of the list.

The Medical Minute: Alcoholism, Cancer, and Stress Tolerance

This week's Medical Minute shares new developments in marijuana research. Check out the new findings on alcoholism, cancer, and stress tolerance.

The Medical Minute: Cannabis’ Impact on Alcohol, Stress, and Vision Loss

Through education and research, massive strides have been taken in recent years. Here are three more ways cannabis is potentially changing lives in its medical application.