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Memorial Day’s best weed, prerolls, carts, and more 2024

Published on May 17, 2024 · Last updated May 22, 2024
Summer unofficially begins with Leafly’s Memorial Day guide to fire strains, carts, edibles, gear, and more. (Josh Titus/Leafly)
Summer unofficially begins with Leafly’s Memorial Day guide to fire strains, carts, edibles, gear, and more. (Josh Titus/Leafly)

Put some smoke in the air—the unofficial first days of summer arrive with Memorial Day on May 27, and America’s 36 weed legalization states stand ready. 

Campouts, road trips, flights, and barbecues all require the right accessories, and that includes the ganja. The midwestern state of Ohio might see its first legal sales in June. New York’s first indoor-grown weed has dispensaries. And California keeps hitting new heights. Leafly rounded up some staff and freelancer picks with our unmatched data to crush Memorial Day. 

Check back often as we add more picks in the coming days.


top of fuzzy marijuana plant with thick fleshy leaves and cola in shades of light and dark green and dark purple, with other plants visible behind it
Fresh Permanent Marker finishes flowering in Northridge in November 2023. (David Downs/Leafly)

Memorial Day in California means tasty and potent flowers, pre-rolls, carts, hash, and no shortage of gummies for moms and out-of-town cousins.

Popular strains

Strains with medals that make us feel like winners, including Permanent Marker, Lemon Cherry Gelato, and Blue Dream.

Hot pre-roll brands

710 Labs, Sluggers, and Jeeter for all your infused joint needs.

Top-shelf flower brands

Fig Farms, Seven Leaves, UpNorth who have accolades from cup judges and public opinion.

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Featured stores

The Artist Tree (West Hollywood), Purple Star (San Francisco), Captain Jacks (San Bernardino), Cookies San Bernardino, Cloud Legends 420 (Sacramento), GoTreez (Sacramento), High Desert Cannabis (Camp Pendleton), Double Eye (Cathedral City).

Leafly staff picks:

Over at GOAT Global in South LA: Seven Leaves, or Trilogy 710 Sour Wilson live rosin dabs. 


Popular strains

Heavy hitters that won’t stick you to the couch like Gary Payton, GMO, and Jack Herer.

Popular OR shops

Treasure Valley Cannabis Company, Hotbox Farms, Kind Leaf Pendelton, Americanna

Top OR brands

Mule Extracts, Wyld, Jeeter, Canano Concentrates, Illicit will cover all your desires, from top-shelf bud to gummies to headstash concentrates.

Leafly staff picks

Magic Number Magic Drops—Super easy to dose this strawberry lemonade-flavored tincture. Add them to Spindrifts, and LaCroixs, etc. THC starts at 250 mg, so dose carefully.

Mt Hood Magic—A Portland classic of Northern Lights #5 x Durban Poison. Consistently one of the freshest strains out there. Smells amazing. We’ve seen it from Tree House Collective and Archive.

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Popular strains

Mix up the new exotics with old school staples like Permanent Marker, Sour Diesel, and Northern Lights.

Top WA brands 

Ray’s Lemonade, Phat Panda, Ceres Bounty, Lemonnade, Mfused

Popular WA stores

Floyd’s Cannabis Co (Pullman), Budeez, Seaweed Cannabis (Edmonds), Root Cellar, Greenworks Cannabis, Fillabong (Silverdale)

Leafly Staff picks

Freddy’s FuegoGary Poppins—Gary Payton and Red Runtz combine in this winner grown by Freddy’s Fuego in Washington. 

Torus brand Gas Face—Bring some stank to the campout with this Face Mints x Biscotti Sherbet strain grown perfectly by Torus. 

Method brand Red Bullz—This hype brand from Curations keeps cranking out heat like Gouda Berry, Juicee J, Pink Certz, Roll-Ups, Red Bullz, Jealousy BX1, and Jaffa.

Wyld edibles in Sour Apple are delectable. (David Downs/Leafly)
Wyld edibles in Sour Apple are delectable. (David Downs/Leafly)

Dabstract Sour Diesel cart—This one-gram Live Resin Cart tastes nice and skunky, like the East Coast Sour D of our youth.

Harmony Extracts XJ-13 “Raw” CO2 cart—Tasty jack terps in a clean, smooth hit for under $40. So you can spend the rest on gas and craft beer.

Wyld Raspberry Sativa Enhanced Gummies—One of America’s go-to edible options. They are tasty, easy to dose, and pack the right amount of punch without totally knocking us out. It’s got 100mg THC per box, or 10 mg per gummy.

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Popular strains

Stay on pace with the tastemakers with Apple Fritter, Runtz, and Gary Payton

Top CO brands 

Wyld, Wana Brands, Dialed In Gummies, Ripple, Green Dot Labs

Popular CO stores

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis (Littleton), Chronic Therapy, Altitude East Denver, Dead Flowers, House of Dankness, Elements (Boulder)


Love Lemon Tree? Go even blingier with Lemonatti. (David Downs/Leafly)
(David Downs/Leafly)

Arizona has gorgeous reservoirs, stunning hikes, and sunlight to spare this Memorial Day. Here’s stuff we’re smoking, from our most popular stores.

Popular strains

Strains that sit in VIP like Apple Fritter, Kush Mints, Permanent Marker

Top AZ weed brands

Wyld, Jeeter, Stiiizy, OGeez!, Canamo, Select oil, Savvy, Mfused

Popular AZ stores

Sticky Saguaro, JARS Cannabis, tru | med, Green Pharms, Herbal Wellness Center, Nirvana Center

Leafly staff picks

Potent Planet brand Tricho Jordan #23

Connected brand Lemonatti, or Gelonade flower for summer citrus dankness.

Legends flower Motor Breath—Affordable Chemdog x SFV OG for a classic smoke.

Gron 3:1 CBG edibles—When you went too hard at the gym, perfect for taming the soreness without getting so high you can’t function. CBG doesn’t get you high. It actually might help tame THC, while also having healing effects.

Timeless vapes Blue Dream—The low-stakes Modelo Especial of vapes goes perfect with cookouts.

See also: Tru | Med Zoap, Sherbanger OG live resin batter, Pure gummies Watermelon sativa, Dutchie 0.5-gram pre-roll 6-pack, Cookies Apples & Bananas preroll


Trending strains

Terp leaders like Lemon Cherry Gelato, Cereal Milk, Gush Mints.

Top brands 

Aeriz, Revolution Cannabis, Daze Off, Grassroots Cannabis, Cresco

Popular IL stores

Terrace Cannabis, EarthMed (Addison), Star Buds, Verilife (Galena)

Leafly staff picks

Floracal Jealousy live rosin badder—The live rosin wave is hitting Illinois and the price is steep. But if you want to dab the best in class Leafly Strain of the Year 2022, pony up.

Royal Tree King Louis OG—This King delivers some price relief among the punishing prices of Illinois.


Medical marijuana Florida sends an adult-use proposition to voters this fall. Register to vote!

Popular strains

Florida keeps it classic with Biscotti, GG4, and Blue Dream.

Top brands

Select, Curaleaf, Jam Extracts, Greenlane

It’s official: Florida will vote on legal weed in November!


Prohibition states get high, too. Here’s what’s hot in the Lone Star State. Just mind your Ps and Qs.

Popular strains

GG4, Runtz, Blue Dream

New York

Popular strains


Popular NY stores

The Lab Dispensary, Pipekeepers, Housing Works, Verilife (Amherst), Sesh NYC (Delivery Only), Basom Bud Depot

Top brands

Lemonnade, Packwoods, Cookies, Tyson 2.0, matter.

Leafly staff picks

LUCI Dream Queen Hash Hole preroll—A quality preroll crafted with care and loaded with headstash rosin, perfect for a day at the park with fellow cannasseurs. Flavor and potency in spades.

Lost Farm Dragonfruit x Frose Live Resin gummies—East and West coasts collide with Kiva brand Lost Farm’ dragonfruit-flavored gummies. Every bite is euphoria for both tastebuds and brain.

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New Jersey

Popular strains

Gumbo, Biscotti, Gary Payton

Top NJ brands

Ozone, Verano, Kind Tree Cannabis, Airo Brands, Wana Brands, Rythm, Cookies

Popular Jersey stores

NJ Leaf URB’N, Hello High, Curaleaf (Bellmawr), Earth & Ivy

Staff picks

Prolific Grow House brand P-Funk—New Jersey flower so fine you’ll learn to roll joints, instead of hit prerolls all the time. A new era of craft cannabis is dawning on the East Coast. 

Cookies brand Mexican Flan

Binske Tangerine Twist

Rythm Xeno flower


Trending strains

Apple Fritter, Durban Poison, Super Boof

Top brands of Mass

High Supply, Betty’s Eddies, Good Chemistry, Nature’s Heritage

Popular MA stores

Cosmopolitan, Garden Wonders, Ideal Craft, Zyp Run (delivery), Doobie Delivery, Rolling Releaf

Leafly staff picks of MA

Freshly Baked Northern Lights cart—This cart helps with sleep. For a weekend daytime, buzz all-in-one in summer-ready strains like Acapulco Gold, Pineapple Express, or Blue Dream.

Middlesex Integrative Medicine—Frozen Lemons diamonds extract

Tourist tips for a weed-filled weekend in Boston


Popular strains

Super Boof, Sour Diesel, Ice Cream Cake

Top ME brands

Lemonnade, Seaweed Co, Highbrow, Mighty Viking, The Maine Lab, Green Xtrax

Popular ME stores

The Great Atlantic Puffin Company, Silver Therapeutics, Safe Alternatives


Popular strains:

Wedding Cake, Permanent Marker, Biscotti

Top NV brands

Stiiizy, Wyld, Rove, Cannavative, Kynd, Srene

Staff picks

Dogwalkers 5-pack—In Las Vegas, these Dogwalkers are great for a short session, just like when you’re walking your pup. Smoking them supports animal resuces, and the swag is cool.

Las Vegas weed visitor’s guide 2024


Trending strains

Lemon Cherry Gelato, Wedding Cake, Hash Burger

Top MD brands

Strane, District, Rythm, Airo, Verano, SunMed Growers

Popular MD stores

Trilogy Wellness, Greenwave, Green Labs, Greenlight

Staff picks of MD

Garcia Hand Picked Highland OG—Keeps it classic.

Fade Co Mule Fuel—For that more savory kick.

Curie Wellness LA Kush Cake pre-roll—Works surprising well on date night.

Curio Chews “Oh” Bedroom Berry—Backup for the LA Kush Cake.

Strane live resin Juicee J cart—For that zaza on the go.

SunMed Pineapple x Geasae Monkey live resin batter


Trending strains

Super Boof, Permanent Marker, Cadillac Rainbow

Top brands of the Mitt

Wyld, Stiiizy, MKX Oil co, Platinum Vape, Cannalicious, Kiva Camino

Popular MI stores

Green Labs Provision, House of Dank (Center Line, Fort St.), Nature’s Remedy (Ferndale), Boreal Cannabis


Trending MO strains

RS11, OG Kush, Rainbow Belts

Top MO brands

Illicit, Keef Brands, Vivid, Head Change, Rove, Good Day Farm, Airo

Popular MO stores

Flora Farms (Stateline), Greenlight Dispensary (Stateline), The Forest (Kansas City), From the Earth (Westside)

New Mexico

Trending NM strains

Runtz, Gary Payton, GMO Cookies

Top NM brands

Wyld, Airo, Fiore, Bloom Brand, Cheeba Chews, Wana Brands

Popular NM stores

Dark Matter (Sundland Park), Top Crop (Las Cruces), The Grass Station, Pecos Valley Production, Amnesia, The Bad Company

And that’s a good place to start shopping for an epic Memorial Day stash.

Rest in peace to all of America’s fallen warriors, and may their relatives know peace.

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David Downs
David Downs
Leafly Senior Editor David Downs is the former Cannabis Editor of the San Francisco Chronicle. He's appeared on The Today Show, and written for Scientific American, The New York Times, WIRED, Rolling Stone, The Onion A/V Club, High Times, and many more outlets. He is a 2023 judge for The Emerald Cup, and has covered weed since 2009.
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