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Congressional Committee Discusses How to Legalize Cannabis

While lawmakers seemed to agree on the need to end cannabis prohibition, Wednesday’s hearing highlighted tensions between competing visions of what reform should look like.

Opinion: There’s a Better Way to Tax Legal Cannabis

How cannabis is taxed can determine whether legalization sinks or swims. It's about time for a better system.

Legalization Isn’t Enough: 10 Things Every New Cannabis Law Must Have

The "top 10 must-haves for any state cannabis legalization bill," according to Shaleen Title of the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

Canada Wants to Tax Your Cannabis Based on THC Content

Budget 2019 also upholds excise taxes on medical cannabis

California Made $300 Million on Legal Cannabis in 2018, and It’s Just Getting Started

The new revenue is equivalent to average salaries for an extra 4,000 teachers, or 3,500 additional police officers.

Are Cannabis Taxes Too Low? Some Economists Think So

Massachusetts taxes cannabis at 17%. In Washington, it's 37%. What's the 'Goldilocks' rate?

Vermont Panel to Propose 26% Tax Rate on Cannabis Sales

A Vermont panel plans to propose a 26% tax rate on cannabis sales once the state opens a legal, regulated market.

California Voters Advance Pro-Cannabis Governor, New Taxes

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom ascended to the Governor's mansion. Oakland voted to cut cannabis taxes.

Cannabis Taxes Go to Voters in Dozens of California Cities

San Francisco, Fresno and other cities ask voters to raise the cost of cannabis. Oakland rates could go down.

Phoenix City Council Kills Mayor’s Proposed Cannabis Tax

The proposed tax rate so steep that dispensary operators warned it could put licensed shops out of business.

California’s Cannabis Cities Reap Millions in Sales Taxes, the Rest Miss Out

Millions of cannabis sales tax dollars flow to select cities, while most California counties stay dry

Proposal to Cut California Cannabis Taxes Is Dead in the Water

Proponents said the measure, which would reduce taxes for three years, was meant to speed the transition away from the illegal market and into regulated sales.

Early California Cannabis Tax Revenue Is Less Than Expected

Stores that were open did well, but there weren't many open stores. So tax revenue didn't meet the forecast.

Now the IRS Is Denying Nonprofit Status to Cannabis Industry Groups

The tax agency already hampers state-legal companies with Rule 280E. Now it's hitting industry associations, too.

California Bill Would Temporarily Cut State Cannabis Taxes

The bipartisan bill is an effort to encourage the state's transition to a legal, regulated cannabis market.

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