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Grow Your Greatest: Tips & Tricks for Massachusetts Cannabis Growers

Two longtime growers at Easthampton cannabis producer INSA share the Massachusetts-specific grow tips they've cultivated over the years.

7 Signs It May Be Time to Take a Cannabis Tolerance Break

If you’re wondering whether you should bench your bud, take a look at some reasons why it might be time for a tolerance break from cannabis.

6 Ways to Save Money by Making Your Cannabis Last Longer

Looking for some tips on how to stretch your cannabis purchases between dispensary trips? Try these six suggestions designed to help you save a little money.

Advice for First-Time Cannabis Smokers: 10 Tips to Keep in Mind

Before you take that first toke, here's some advice so you know what you’re getting into and can plan for a comfortable first experience.

How to Not Smell Like Cannabis After Smoking: 5 Items to Have On-Hand

Let's face it: Nobody likes to stink like bud. Try these tips to mask your habits and leave you smelling (and feeling) so fresh and so clean, clean.

Plan for (and Enjoy) the Ultimate Wake and Bake With These Tips

Get the most out of your wake and bake session with these helpful tips.

What Are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Cannabis Smell Inside Your House?

If you want to be mindful of your neighbors or simply want your cannabis habits to stay under the radar, try these handy tricks to mask the smell of cannabis in your home.

Want to Try Cannabis with Your Partner? 6 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Couples

Are you and your partner curious about trying cannabis together for the first time? Here are six tips for new cannabis couples using marijuana to enhance intimacy.

Cannabis Road Trip Tips: See Sights and Stay Safe With These 7 Rules

Incorporating cannabis into your road trips can be both fun and rewarding if you remember to consume responsibly and pick the perfect destination.

10 Ways to Break Up Your Cannabis if You Don’t Have a Grinder

From simple old school tricks and techniques to a few MacGyver-worthy hacks, here are 10 ways you can bypass the grinder by utilizing a few household items and a bit of creativity.

Pace Yourself: 10 Expert Tips on Celebrating 4/20

As you plan and play out your day, keep in mind these sage words of wisdom from author David Bienenstock.

Cannabis in the Great Outdoors: Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Hiking, Backpacking and More

How best to enjoy cannabis while hiking, camping, backpacking and more? We surveyed a large group of outdoorsy cannabis lovers to learn how they consume on the trail.

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