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Amber Rose Vaporizer


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KANDYPENS® Vaping Portable Vaporizers Amber Rose Vaporizer
KANDYPENS® Vaping Portable Vaporizers Amber Rose Vaporizer
KANDYPENS® Vaping Portable Vaporizers Amber Rose Vaporizer
KANDYPENS® Vaping Portable Vaporizers Amber Rose Vaporizer
KANDYPENS® Vaping Portable Vaporizers Amber Rose Vaporizer


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About this product

Designed by Amber Rose Coilless Atomizer w/ Quartz Crystal Chamber Dual Quartz Rod w/ Quartz Crystal Chamber .5 ML Glass Eliquid Tank Custom Hard Shell Case Sleek, Sexy Design Sesh Mode Glittery Finish Leak-Proof Deep Dish Atomizer No Wicks or Dyes Micro-USB Charging 510-Threaded Handmade Designed and Developed in USA Lifetime Warranty (Battery) Featuring a suite of premium atomizers, variable voltage, and an elevated airflow system, the KandyPens x Amber Rose vape delivers clouds just how you like them. This pocket-friendly powerhouse is right at home in your palm or pocket. Enter "Sesh Mode" to enjoy seamless hits for 10 seconds with no reheating. Merging style with function, this sleek dab pen boasts a glossy, durable finish with dazzling gold sparkles, gold trim, and the official Amber Rose logo. Crafted for true connoisseurs, the KandyPens x Amber Rose vaporizer pen features a variable voltage battery with 4 heat settings, each optimized for the most popular waxes, oils and eliquids. Choose from a variety of vaping styles, including small, tasty sips, medium clouds, and huge rips. You can zero in on an approximate temperature that is ideal for your favorite waxes and oils. Operating the Amber Rose vape is easy. Click the button 5 times to power on, 3 times to cycle temperature, and 2 times to enter sesh mode, which will keep the coil hot for 10 seconds. Charge up conveniently from almost any power source using micro-USB. Curated by Amber Rose for wax and oil enthusiasts seeking an elevated vaping experience, the Amber Rose Collection includes two new atomizers and a glass oil tank, each offering unique ways to enjoy concentrates. The first, a coilless quartz crystal chamber, delivers pure flavor without combustion. The second, a dual quartz rod atomizer with a quartz crystal chamber, generates larger clouds of intensely flavorful, potent vapor. Seamlessly switch over to oil or eliquid with the included .5ml 510-threaded borosilicate glass oil tank. Everything you need, including a high-grade metal dab tool, is safely stored in an Amber Rose designed hardshell case. Featuring a dazzling glossy finish with gold speckles, the KandyPens Amber Rose vape pen looks as smooth as it performs. A slender, sexy pen-style design feels comfortable, solid, and lightweight. Engineered for superior airflow, an upgraded mouthpiece features a carb hole for full-bodied, low draw-resistance hits. An elevated airflow system keeps the atomizer from leaking material, preventing spills while promoting efficient vaporization. Designed for easy operation, the iconic KandyPens logo button lights up with a different color for each heat setting. Characterized by functionality, portability, style, and attitude, the KandyPens Amber Rose vaporizer offers a smarter, more satisfying on-the-go vaping experience.

About this brand

We are the leading vaporizer brand in the world! We offer products for everything from dry aromatic material, concentrates, to oils. We have an unprecedented lifetime warranty on all of our products and have 5 star customer support! We pride ourselves in turning our customers in loyal brand ambassadors for life. Give us a try!

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Sun Mar 24 2019
Rec'd the pen fast through the mail. Used customer service a few time for questions and they were very helpful. The pen works great. Using it is quick, easy and discreet. Heats up fast. The case is great for keeping everything all in one place and neatly organized. Since I usually have oil in the tank I store mine on its end so the oil doesn't seep out the mouth piece (though it does say it's leak proof. I've not had it leak but I still store it upright). I also kept the silicone cap for the battery end of the tank and store the tank with it on. Maybe some people toss it but it seemed like a good thing to keep. I like the weight of the pen. It is metal with a very solid feel. Filling the tank could be easier. You def. want the oil/distillate that you buy to have a fine needle on it. Watch that you don't lose (or shove into the tanker) the tiny clear gasket at the top of the pen tanker. For my light use a battery charge last for weeks. Charging time isn't super quick so if you go to use it and find the battery needs a charge you're going to need to find an alternative until it is ready. I have not used the coil chamber but have used the All-Quartz Coil-less Crystal Chamber for live resin. Hint: I find if I heat the pen up first it makes it easier to load the chamber with resin (makes it slide off the skillet easier). My only complaint about the chamber is the carb set-up. There are two carbs on the chamber and one on the mouth piece and they don't all line up. Seems to work best if you cover one carb on the chamber and the one on the mouth piece. Sesh mode is a nice feature. I have used disposable vape cartridges with it and they worked fine.