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Vaporizing, or vaping, cannabis is a smokeless process that involves heating dry flower or concentrate without burning it. Vape pens are popular for their ease of use, portability, and because they offer an opportunity for more consistent dosing than other methods of inhaling marijuana. Browse our library of the best vaping devices to find the size and features that work best for you.

Frequently asked questions

What is vaping, and is it safe?

Vaping is the heating of cannabis flower or concentrate without burning. The heat releases the active ingredients into a vapor that is then released into the air in a fine mist created by a vaporizer device. While research on cannabis vaporizing is limited, studies have shown that vaping does produce fewer carcinogenic compounds than smoking because the cannabis is not combusted. Read more: Is Vaping Safe? The Differences Between Vaping vs. Smoking Cannabis

What are vaporizers?

Vaporizers — also known as vape pens — are devices used to heat cannabis for inhalation. Vaping devices heat dry cannabis flower or oil concentrate to a temperature below combustion, usually in the range of 180 to 200°C (356 to 392°F). The heat releases active compounds from the cannabis and turns them into a vapor that can be inhaled. Read more: Everything You Need to Know About Pre-Filled Oil Vape Cartridges

What are the types of weed vaporizers?

Marijuana vaporizers come in portable or table-top varieties, and different types of vaporizers can be used for marijuana flower or oil concentrate. Choosing which one is right for you involves considering what kind of product you'd like to consume and whether or not you are likely to need to take your vape on the go. Read more: Which Type of Vaporizer Best Suits You?

How do I buy a marijuana vaporizer?

While choosing a vaping device is ultimately a matter of personal preference, there are several factors that can help you compare different products. One difference to consider is whether the product has proprietary cartridge technology or if it instead features a standard 510-threaded battery, and how many choices for each are available in your area. Other options to think about are the type of cannabis oil and whether you prefer a disposable or reusable cartridge. Read more: Here's How to Buy and Review Vape Carts