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OS.HASH Indica (Dry Sift)

by Original Stash

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Original Stash Concentrates Solventless  OS.HASH Indica (Dry Sift)
Original Stash Concentrates Solventless  OS.HASH Indica (Dry Sift)

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About this product

Authentic and uncomplicated, OS.HASH Indica is a rich brown resinous hash with a firm but pliable feel. Produced from a single strain and clocking in at a very mild THC potency potential, OS.HASH Indica is made using dry ice sift trichome extraction and packaged in a 2-gram format in a resealable, odor-proof and child-resistant pouch. Not real fancy, just real. A good reason to go legal.

About this brand

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Original Stash is straightforward and uncomplicated. That’s the way your stash should be. Grown in a controlled environment, Original Stash is a blend of high-quality weed sold for a lot less than you’d expect. Designed purely for the joy of consuming cannabis. Not real fancy, just real. A good reason to go legal. OS.FLOWER Pure and simple weed blend in are sealable, odour-proof, and child-resistant pouch. OS.RESERVE The same quality you’ve grown to know from Original Stash, now with higher potency. Still high quality, still sold for a lot less than you’d expect. OS.HASH (DRY SIFT) Individual trichome heads from slow-cured quality cannabis have been gently extracted and pressed to deliver a strong and familiar aroma with the potency and flavour you know. OS.KLIK An easy-to-use applicator pen for dabbing and other concentrate uses. OS.KLIK offers clean, precise dose control by using its twist-to-dispense feature that ensures approximately 25mg of distillate is dispensed with each audible “click”. OS Joints A convenient 12-pack of pre-rolls filled with a rotating selection of high quality, single-strain flower.

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Fri Aug 20 2021
Smoked it today. The guy who gave it 1 star, they def changed their packaging. It comes in a big plastic zip bag, like the picture, then inside is another small, clear, plastic bag where the tiny brick of brown putty type hash is held. Nice hard putty type texture, comes out as one big brick. I've always perfed hash to weed. Even though hash averages out at a higher percentage then flower, it always produces a more mellow high. Its ussualy more sedating, anxiolytic, analgesic, hazey, and chill. And there is many methods to makeing hash, this one happens to be dry sifted hash, which is my favorite. Basicialy, the dry flowers are ground, then put over a finley woven cloth screen. The flowers are ussualy frozen before hand to loosen the trichomes, but some people perfer useing dry ice to instantly freeze the trichromes so they break off more effectively. The screen is shaken, and the trichromes break off and fall through the screen onto a piece of glass or other non porous matieral. Once the weed has been all used up, the trichromes are scraped into a pile. They then take these trichromes, heat them so they all melt together, and mix it and compress the liveing hell out of it, so it turns into a compressed dark brown putty brick. Dureing the process you can choose how dark you want the hash to come out, i like mine on the darker side, and this one is like a deep, brown, chocolate cake color, maybe a little lighter. When you break the brick in half, you see its pourus, with a dark brown interior, the whole brick is 1 homogenous color. Sometimes with the pressed hash, the inside can be quite light, and the outside quite dark. The smell is a little bit floral, peppery, mixed with a earthy woody smell. Very nice smelling hash! Chipped off a tiny chunk, loaded into my glass spoon pipe, and took a hoot. Flavor comes out just like the smell, but more toasty obviously. Very smooth hit, not harsh at all. The feeling is very bodily, nice heavy feeling in body, very anxiolytic. even indica dominant strains, which are supposed to be anxiolytic make me quite tense sometimes, and can cause a bizzare, unsettling feeling. But this hash just has me really relaxed, hungry, happy, and sedated. Downer master drug. If you like more heavy, anxiolytic, analgesic, body highs, and dont like the strong head high off weed, then this hash is perfect for you, and i think you will really enjoy it. Peace
Thu Jun 03 2021
Love the product ONCE we cut the bag apart and scraped it off.. the packaging is an absolute pain in the ass.. why not wrap in waX paper or something? Once this is figure out I'll rate again Just such a waste of time, effort and product(as it stays on the bag)