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Black Cherry Punch

RedeCan brand BCP... lots of flavor, I'd say more cherry than citrus but definitely herbal and peppery. Smells amazing in the jar. As far as effects its gooooood.

Sessions Cannabis - Hespeler

Prices go from affordable to top dollar. But pretty much everything is a good choice. Online pricing is without tax, in-store they post the price with tax, and without tax. Semi-minimalist in layout, but friendly knowledge staff. My favourite brand from Sessions is Redecan. On a recommendation for a sativa, as I'm usually a indica guy, I bought Redecan Long Weekend. I keep going back for more. Lots of product and lots of range of products. Never been out of stock on anything I wanted. Since they opened I haven't been to another shop.

Long Weekend

Got some Long Weekend (15g / THC 14.96%). Came in under $5.50/g, weighed in at 15.21g. Got it Jan 5th 2021, it was packaged July 28th 2020. Looks, smells and tastes amazing. Literally swapped to Redecan as my LP due to this strain and overall quality of product.