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Illuminati OG

This is one of my favorite strains right now. As soon as I smoke it, I become so motivated, calm, intelligent (I write a lot on this one), and happy. I tend to smoke alone because I get major social anxiety, but this strain doesn’t make me anxious one bit. I do homework really well on it, and I game like a beast. Illuminati just makes me so happy, and it’s truly better than any antidepressant 🙏🏽


I was a little nervous about Candyland because that's one of my issues: anxiety. Anyway, I feel like its high creeps up on you, but in a good way. It didn't surprise me or hit me immediately. To me, its effect was more like a small edible. Candyland also makes me creative, and it boosts my willingness to do things. I have depression too, and it's gotten pretty bad lately. Of the various strains I currently have (popular ones), Candyland ups my mood the most, in a peppy way. I just smoked 3 bowls, so I wrote all that while on Candyland (watch, I reread this review tomorrow and realize I'm a fooll). No but honestly, the cerebral effects are fantastic. Amazing for depression and anxiety. Great daytime high, good nighttime high. Alright, good vibes, all ~