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Trees Pot Shop

I don't often write reviews, mostly because this is my neighborhood shop and generally, i love it. However, recently i had a less-than-stellar experience. I live just a few blocks away and i love this shop. The people are great, they give me good deals, and they help me find exactly what i want. I went in a few days ago, and had an unpleasant experience. First, this guy asks me what I'm looking for. I tell him i want something similar to Dutch Treat. Immediately, he starts rattling off a bunch of sativa strains. I tell him, no, i don't want any strong sativas. Dutch Treat is a calm, mellow, balanced hybrid. I want that. Not some crazy sativa. Happy, balanced hybrid. He continues to suggest strains that i know are too intense for me. I tell him, no, Island Poison is too strong a sativa, I've smoked it before and it gave me paranoia. He doesn't listen. Finally, i stop listening to his suggestions and just pick out what i want. As I'm choosing my final selections, he recommends Green Crack, which is on sale, but duuuude. I get that sativas are your jam, but that shit will give me a panic attack. I'm glad i am not a cannabis novice. I worked at Leafly for 4 years and i know what i want. That being said, i could have had a BAD time if i didn't know my way around. At the end of the transaction, he didn't ask me for my rewards number. I had to come back to make sure i got my points. As a regular customer, this was a frustrating experience. I hope that it is not a frustrating experience in the future.

Shine® 2-Sheet Pack

These are really pretty,. That's about it. The novelty of smoking a gold joint is definitely cool and you'll look super fly when toking up with your pals, but really, these papers aren't all that much different than any other rolling papers. They look really nice, especially when rolled up into a fat joint, and I bet you'd impress some peeps if you pulled a gold joint out at a ritzy party, but if you're looking for quantity over quality, there are certainly better deals. Then again, if you're looking to impress a cannabis connoisseur with your expertise and fancy cannabis accoutrements, this would definitely be your jam. Roll it up, tuck it away, and when the time is right, watch everyone's jaws drop when you pull this shiny little preroll of extravagant deliciousness from your pocket.

Durban Poison Sativa 500mg Vape Pen

I actually had the Indica ALl-In-One W Vape, in LA Confidential, and I was obsessed with this vape pen for a very long time. It was strong enough that you could take 2-3 pulls and immediately feel the effects. It was also useful for its portability in a pinch - one time, a friend was headed to the movie theatre to meet up with some buddies and asked if I had any discreet cannabis products he could borrow. I handed over this cute little vape pen, and it was the perfect addition to a movie - a few discreet puffs before heading to the theatre made the experience that much more awesome. I was also impressed with its longevity. I'm pretty sure that vape is still floating around somewhere, almost certainly with oil still inside, and probably with a bit of battery life left. Great product for its price.

The Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

For over a year, the Herbalizer vaporizer was a staple in my old household. My roommates and I would grind up a small amount of cannabis, less than half a gram, pack the tiny magnetic bowl and let the Herbalizer expand the plastic bag with vapor. It would fill each bag with about 7-8 hits, making it perfect for a small gathering of friends. Best of all, one tiny bowl would last for several rounds of plastic bagfuls, which means you're getting the most bang for your buck, and making sure your cannabis lasts longer. It's expensive, but sooooo worth it.

PAX 2 - Charcoal

I've never owned my own PAX2, but it's on my list of favorite vaporizers for a reason. It's so easy to use, like sipping coffee from a Starbucks cup, and it's so smooth, you'd hardly notice you're getting a hit until you exhale the sweet vapor. It's super easy to use and all of my friends have loved owning them.

Extra Strength Relieving Spray 2oz

This spray is incredible for muscle aches, pains and acute stress, particularly on the joints. It smells amazing, for one thing, like peppermint, and you can immediately feel it going to work on contact.. Luckily, I don't suffer from chronic pain, so I don't have to use this too often, but I can imagine, especially for someone with acute localized pain, like a bad back, this would be an life-saving addition to your medicine cabinet.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Bubbler

Aesthetically, I love this bubbler. Functionally, however, it's far from perfect. The clear glass only looks lovely until you smoke out of it a few times, and the glass stem piece does not offer easy cleaning. Also, the first time i picked it up, I was certain I'd broken it because the wooden mouthpiece popped right off. Heart attack moment! Turns out that little feature is to make it easier to clean. I really enjoyed using this bubbler, but I'd love to see some functionality changes.

12 Inch Silicone Unbreakable Bong

Holy crap, I think this might be the best bong I've ever owned. Admittedly, it's far from the *prettiest* bong I've ever owned, but this baby takes the cake for most durable, smoothest, and most portable. It's amazing for taking with you on a camping trip, toting around in your backpack, or just taking sweet rips off of on your couch. It's UNBREAKABLE. Ok, there is a glass bowl piece that could potentially be broken, but boy oh boy, a little bowl piece is SO much easier to replace than an entire bong. I've lost so many a waterpipe to the perils of gravity. If you're considering a new waterpipe and you are worried about investing in nice glass or if you have a tendency to break pipes and bongs, look no further. I love this sweet, silicone, ugly bong. It has earned a place in my heart and I hope it will retain its status as primary smoking device for years to come.

New Glue (GG5) fka Gorilla Glue 5

Just bought this a few weeks ago at the recommendation of the budtender and it is absolutely worth every penny. It's a delicious, heady high that relaxes you without leaving you braindead and makes you smile every time. The GG was a little more spendy than one of the other Gorilla Glues that the shop has in stock, but I took the recommendation of the budtender and I'm so glad! Definitely buying this one again

Verdita Dragon Pineapple Lime Jalapeno Syrup - 10mg (100mL)

Just tried a little bit of this when a friend mixed up a capful in a mocktail of ginger ale and lime, and the taste was great, but way too spicy for my sensitive taste buds. However, if you're a spicier person than me, I bet it would be great in a cannabis-infused salsa or a fajita stirfry!