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Bubba Kush

I never gave all that much attention to the Bubba because, I’ve always been very hung up on it’s relative, OG Kush. In Florida, only one dispensary sells a Bubba Kush distillate w/ cannabis-derived terpenes; GrowHealthy. After trying ~95% of the different distillates currently available to FL MMJ patients, I can say with full confidence that this one is the BEST! No contest at all! I’m still amazed at the quality of this product, and I’m on my 4th gram now. Perhaps even more shocking, however, was that after speaking with a group of roughly 15 other patients outside of Trulieve today, not one person had heard of GrowHealthy, let alone tried their Bubba Kush dist. So, I hope this review might encourage Floridians to check out what they have to offer. Not a huge selection yet, but everything is of exemplary quality! My experience with this concentrate has absolutely renewed my respect for all Kush strains, in general, as well as replaced my previous go-to indica (9lb. Hammer), which I thoroughly enjoy, but just doesn’t compare anymore. I can absolutely say without question that it is one of my top 3 favorites!

Birds of Paradise

I recently had the pleasure of trying this strain in the form of a .5g vape cart from GrowHealthy. I find it impossible to believe that it hasn’t gotten more attention because, it’s fantastic! In my experience, it was indeed a pretty well-balanced hybrid, although I did sense some sativa dominance. For my ailments, this strain is very much medically beneficial. Given the chance, I’d definitely try the BOP flower!