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Animal Mints

I absolutely stay far away from ALL strains that report side effects of paranoia. Good thing my friend turned me on to this strain before I knew anything about it. I was SO chill, blissed out, and peaceful that I literally was just in the moment with a completely empty mind wearing a smile and it was fantastic. This is now my favorite strain. I wish it was easily available in my area because I’d smoke it all day long. Better than Northern Lights and Blue Dream, which are still in my Top 5.

Critical Cure

This did the trick for pain. But if you’re at all predisposed to anxiety, WATCH OUT. It was off the charts too intense. The anxiety broke through my sleep, and I could not take my rest. T His will be an excellent medicine if or when the strain can be modified to reduce that side effect.

Benny's Farm

Quite a professional experience, as well as friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Everything I needed to know was explained with 'real' (scientific) information that was easy to digest and help me make the best decision. I'll definitely come back.


Every single interaction was absolutely wonderful- professional, friendly, accommodating. I can't say enough good things. This was by far the best experience ever. Thank you!