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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Grape God.

Grape God effects

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336 people reported 2557 effects
Relaxed 66%
Euphoric 56%
Happy 54%
Uplifted 36%
Sleepy 27%
Stress 41%
Pain 34%
Anxiety 34%
Depression 29%
Insomnia 24%
Dry mouth 29%
Dry eyes 14%
Dizzy 7%
Headache 4%
Paranoid 3%


April 13, 2011
Dry mouth
I'd recommend very long and deep breathes when smoking Grape God. You'll be on a whole new level a couple bowls in.
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March 19, 2016
After smoking a hash joint of this stuff it had me doing the jazz hands. https://youtu.be/PcYFNaIWTwE
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July 28, 2014
Migraine pain 5; nausea 7-8 when I medicated round 1300 or so? Takes bout 5-10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. No anxiety/paranoia (an absolute must for me). Body high allowed me to eat which was very much needed. Head high allowed me to enjoy Sunday afternoon with my family which was also very much needed. High lasted bout 4 + hours which was killer for (I think) a Sativa dominant? I'd highly recommend for daytime/after work use for pain/nausea/anxiety! Top notch meds from dis dispensary! :-)
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December 26, 2015
One of my favorite Indicas! Wonderful taste and overall experience. Grape God relaxes me, and I can still focus on it while reading. I also noticed it makes me sexually aroused far more than any indica I've tried. Huge plus! No munchies, just the bliss I desire for a balanced night of chillin', good lovin', and sound sleep! Yes, I can see why this strain has such a mighty name!
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December 15, 2015
Feeling pro this morning, I put up Grape God for a wake and bake review sesh. I paid for my hubris; Grape God turned the wake and bake sesh into a wake and snake when my skeleton came out with the smoke on my first exhale. I'm stretched out writing this, Money Trees in the background. Visual: Frosty little bud. Trimmed up fine since everything on it is sugary. Smell: I was disappointed with the scent at first, even after busting it open it was only mildly fruity. Nothing specific. But after I grinding it up it was almost identical to Grape Skittles. It smells amazing, I want some Skittles to go with this now. I loaded it in my just cleaned Silika beaker and proceeded to take a mighty chief. And mighty it was, because I can't open my eyes. Feeling clear and stoned at the same time, which may be an effect specific to me because of me medicating for anxiety. I smoke up the rest and now I'm here writing this. Not couchlocked exactly, very close though. I'm super relaxed, not sleepy though which is great since it's just 10am. I would love this in the evening or even as a emergency joint for panic attacks. Grape God crushed my morning anxiety, and this morning was the first morning in about a week where I didn't start the day throwing up. It's been about an hour since I finished up, and I'm up feeling really good. Ready to go with my eyes low.
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June 3, 2014
My new favorite! Soooo.... smooth and sweet frosty white buds so dense! Whoever grew this amazing plant knew what they were doing.
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July 25, 2017
Strong smell when dry, but very mild smell and taste once lit. Great for those suffering from nausea or epilepsy as some smells may be triggers. I had almost instant muscle relaxer type relief. Headache gone next. This gave me a total body and head high. It started in my chest and moved its way to my limbs and head. It definitely has a relaxing effect, but gives me a happy carefree type vibe instead of just sleepy. Could probably be used for daytime pain and depression, or social anxiety, but may need to be mixed with a little something to help tone down the sedative aspect. This is officially one of my favorite top 5!!!!
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May 13, 2012
Just picked up a quarter from the dispensary of Grape God and at first was marveled by the earthy, strong scent of the bud. Upon closer inspection, the bud was glittered with trichomes and orange hairs. Bright green in color as well. Dense, but very soft in consistency. Smokes well with a hint of grape, as it is Grapefruit crossed with God Bud. As for the high, it's what you'd expect from an Indica dominant hybrid. Minimal body high, but it's more prevalent in higher doses. Nice head high that helps relieve stress, pain, and allows you to enjoy your day. The high lasts for around 2 hours (after 3 bong bowls) and is a nice strain to reward yourself with. Overall, I'd say an 8/10. Very nice strain I would look into again.
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