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Baked Bros Mission:
At Baked Bros™, our mission is to enrich the quality of life of our diverse patients by providing consistently dosed, strain-specific, high-quality medicine in the cannabis community. We will work to not only be a leader of quality medicine, but a leader in educating the community, advocating for the progressive reform of cannabis, and removing the negative notion of this beautiful alternative medicine

Baked Bros Vision:
We are relentlessly committed to the constant and never-ending pursuit of becoming better every day. We love intensity and thrive under pressure, in fact, we see it as a stimulus for growth. We love being challenged, because it ignites our deeper potential, to catapult our impact to heights never thought possible. We care deeply and passionately about our work, our mission, our health and each other.

We are a team of experts, not only in the cannabis industry but also in confections, extraction, chemistry, sports medicine, communication and customer service. Every one of our products is hand-made in small batches to guarantee consistent, accurate, delicious edibles.

Baked Bros™ has been an authorized edible company in Arizona since January 2015. Since then we have been able to set and hold the standards for medical marijuana edibles in the state of Arizona.

Baked Bros™ awards consist of:
2021 Best Edible Gummie from the Arizona HighTimes Cannabis Cup
2020 Best Gluten-Free edible: Unflavored GDP Syrup
2020 Best Low Dose Edible: 5:1 SSD Watermelon Kush Slices
2020 Best Syrup: Unflavored GDP Syrup
2020 Best Edible In The State Of Arizona: Unflavored GDP Syrup
2020 Best of Phoenix - New Times
2020 Best Beverage - Errl Cup
2020 2nd place - Best Tincture - Errl Cup
2020 2nd place - Best CBD Edible - Errl Cup
2018 Edible List - Best Arizona Edible Brand
2018 Edible List - Best glycerine Edible
2018 Edible List - Best Pourable THS Syrup
2017 Az Marijuana Best Edible
2016 AZ Marijuana Best Edible
2016 Best of Phoenix Best Edible - New Times
2015 Best New Infused Product from CannAwards
2015 Most Popular Infused Product from CannAwards
2014 Best Product from the Denver HighTimes Cannabis Cup

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  • 00000005ESIN89499585

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