Ripple Dissolvables - Relief 40:1 - 200mg CBD

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A non-psychoactive way to ease into any situation.

Make anything an edible, like your morning coffee or avocado toast. As the O.G. fast-acting, water-soluble powder, Ripple dissolves quickly and cleanly into any food or beverage. Don’t settle for any edible when anything can be an edible.

Mixes well with morning cups, pre-meeting dipping sauce, and your hydration station.

High CBD / Hybrid Like Effect

CBD: 200mg
THC: 5mg
20mg CBD : 0.5mg THC per Serving
10 Packets per Container

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About this brand

Founded in 2014, Ripple is the original provider of fast-acting, water-soluble THC products. With a focus on convenience, reliability, and enjoyable experiences, Ripple represents the nexus of cannabis with traditional food science. The brand's extensive range of fast-acting products include its flagship Ripple dissolvable powders, Ripsticks (Pixy Stix for adults), Ripple Gummies, and Ript (the hardest-hitting, lowest-cost gummies in the galaxy). Learn more about Ripple at
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