THC and CBD Drinks

From sodas to waters to tonics, find THC and CBD infused beverages that are sure to please a variety of palates while quenching your thirst.

Frequently asked questions about marijuana drinks

Yes, you can drink weed. THC drinks, also known as “cannabis drinks,” “weed drinks,” and “weed beverages,” are a popular way to consume cannabis. THC drinks come in a variety of options including tea, elixirs, sparkling waters, juices, and sodas. Consumers prefer THC drinks because they are discrete and are easy to dose.
The effects of drinking weed are very similar to the effects you experience when consuming an edible, such as a brownie or gummy. The effects of drinking weed will come on slowly and may be long-lasting depending on the amount consumed as well as the dosage.
You can buy cannabis drinks online using On Leafly, you can browse a selection of cannabis drinks near you and place a pickup order to be processed at your local neighborhood dispensary. You can also use to find dispensaries near you that offer special deals or discounts on THC drinks.