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Attention chocolate and cannabis lovers everywhere: Slowride Bakery’s Big Chocolate Cookie is here to satisfy your cravings. These cookies are small-batch and handmade with premium concentrates and three types of chocolate: milk, dark, and dutch cocoa powder. The soft and buttery texture mimics that of a brownie to satisfy your sweet tooth with a cannabis kick. Slowride Bakery sources premium ingredients, never using preservatives. Each 20 g cookie contains 10 mg of THC, with one cookie per package. These cookies can be frozen for up to three months to enjoy later. Slowride Bakery is locally owned and operated in Ottawa, Ontario.  

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Slow Ride Bakery
Slow Ride Bakery is Canada’s smallest cannabis processor, operating out of just 800 square feet. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Karen and Vik Dhawan created Slow Ride Bakery in 2019 by combining her extraordinary baking skills with his cannabis regulatory experience. They got their micro-processing license, and now are ready to finally take the ride (a slow one).

Slow Ride Bakery uses cannabis distillate, not cannabutter, to create small-batch, handmade cookies with real ingredients for that classic flavour you know and love. Because everyone loves to get home baked.
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