Lodi Dodi 3.5g

HybridTHC 24%CBD —
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Lodi Dodi is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid made from a cross of Trainwreck x Haze. These large sized buds are a rich green with rust-colored pistols present throughout their soft and fluffy leaves. A generous amount of trichomes leave the colas with a white sheen and renders them sticky to the touch. Lodi Dodi possesses a distinctly tropical aroma reminiscent of pineapple, melons, and flowers. Pine undertones are also discernible. Breaking open or grinding the buds presents a chemical, diesel-like aroma.

Smoking Lodi Dodi is a rich and flavorful experience, making its presence immediately known with a strong cerebral head high. Sativa lovers rejoice as Lodi Dodi will have you feeling like the life of the party with a strong uplifted and euphoric high that's great for enhancing activities that involve both the mind and body. Expect your thoughts to flow freely as creative thinking and problem-solving skills are heightened. Though the head high sounds intense, users also report feeling strong physical relaxation and even couchlock in higher doses.

Soulshine Cannabis grows its indoor flower in climate-controlled rooms, with all natural media and nutrients. Our team gives each plant extra love by hand watering and following natural and sustainable growing practices that ensure the potency of each harvest. After curing on the stem in humidity-controlled rooms, each bud is hand trimmed to perfection. Soulshine’s harvest cycle ensures only fresh and quality flower goes into our sustainable packaging.

About this strain

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