White Chocolate Luscious Lemon Sativa


About this product

White Chocolate Luscious Lemon Sativa is an artisanal chocolate uniquely combining premium Belgian Chocolate with carefully paired full spectrum sativa cannabis extract. This results in not just great non-cannabis taste but also a unique cannabinoid-rich terpene profile and experience. A white chocolate shell contains a mouth-watering Meyer lemon filling.

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About this brand

Logo for the brand Wabi Sabi Brands
Wabi Sabi Brands
Wabi Sabi is an Alberta-based company specializing in the creation of artisan chocolate ‘delights’ infused with cannabis. We use only premium ingredients, including luxurious Belgian chocolate. We leverage full spectrum cannabis extracts that are extremely mild in taste with terpene profiles that provide consistent effects every time.

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese Zen concept that encourages seeing the beauty of things that are modest and humble, yet unconventional. Cannabis legality is new and unconventional to many. Our chocolates help bridge the gap between taboo and what is quickly becoming mainstream. Our logo incorporates the Zen circles of enlightenment, or “Enzo”, and is a reminder of our simplistic yet quality-focused drive that goes into making our products. As we are always learning, improving and refining our work, the ring is never closed.
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