Chocolate can improve most things, but what if it's cannabis-infused?

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Frequently asked questions about marijuana chocolate products

No, chocolate edibles are not considered to be significantly stronger than other THC-infused edibles. In general, the potency of chocolate edibles depends on a variety of factors including the total amount of THC content, the dose you take, and your unique biological system.
The price of weed chocolate bars range from $10-20. You can also buy weed chocolate bars in single servings, which usually cost $3-6. The actual price of weed chocolate bars can vary depending on the total THC content, quality of ingredients used, and taxes applied (if applicable).
Weed chocolate bars last up to six months. Like other THC-infused edibles, after six months have passed, the weed chocolate bar will begin to lose its potency and flavor. If you still have questions, ask your budtender about the longevity of any weed chocolate products you buy.
You can buy cannabis chocolate online at for pickup at a dispensary in your neighborhood. Using, you can easily find dispensaries offering discounts and deals on cannabis chocolate.