707 Headband Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “707 Headband is one of my new favorite strains. I picked up a gram after grabbing some other meds from the collective. Just kinda wanted something new and i was VERY glad I picked this up. The high is well... Heady! Which is obvious with a name like "Headband". But this strain is.. different. It gives me such an enjoyable high! Something I struggle to find. As a pretty experienced smoker I struggle to find Sativa str...”

  • “Very good for anxiety and depression; clear, uplifting, relaxing. Wonderful for losing that hyper-vigilant state that comes with PTSD.”

  • “one of the most creative strains .. if you are an artist of any kind. it gets the creative sparks going.. plus its has a nice relaxing finish..”

  • “If properly cured, this is a GREAT Strain for the daytime. When Vaporized, it has an earthy flavor, that is smooth on the lungs. The effects are almost instant, settle in slowly, and do not give the "sleepy's" when it wears off. I do find myself "hyper focusing" for time to time, but for the most part "Headband" helps me to stay focused through out the day, while keeping the stress level down.”

  • “this weed takes a while to hit you, so be very careful. you'll take a hit, think it's done its job, then twenty minutes later you'll be fine, but all of a sudden you're way higher, then you get on leafly and warn people because they need to know.”

  • “With its strong, sweet aroma, headband is a sensation for even the most critical of cannabis pundits. I enjoy the creative/anxiolytic effects that come up, makes my dreams appear as if I am a young Pokemon master. The old Pokemon, not this new crap.”

  • “The high feels like it’s in the background. The come on is energetic and most of all heightens the feeling of being entertained. Fun, jovial attitude that’s motivational. Soaring euphoric mental state that’s surprisingly clear like Jack strains. However, head is noticeably fuzzed out and the ability to think is being replaced more and more by some of the best ever stoned-out disassociation. Put on some good music and...”

  • “This strain is very unique! After 1 bowl of 707 from Silver Sage Wellness, I was very perky and needed a project to do! lol! Silver Sage Wellness has their strain tested at 25% THC and 0.13 CBD. I have noticed that sativa and sativa dominate hybrids strains that have a little extra CBD in them makes a great product for people with anxiety and stress enjoy a more uplifting experince. At least the ones I have tried. St...”